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Who's Skiing this Summer?

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Hopefully, I am! Hintertux. In 4 weeks. Luckily, my wife is German. We visit her parents in the Fatherland every summer. Usually, we spend 2-3 days making turns in Hintertux or Stubaital. I love the smell of snow in the summer. It reminds me of ...WINTER!
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Summer? What summer? The season is just about to start here.
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Actually, I'm going out the door to A-Basin in a minute. But, we have hikeable snow most of the summer.
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I am ! Got Mt. Hood booked for mid-July !
I finally made the transformation to a year-round skier and yes I do have a problem !
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Alpine and Squaw closed on Monday, but we'll be hiking all summer. Thinking about the southern hemisphere too.
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Doing a mogul camp in Whistler in a week!
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Packed and leaving tomorrow for this
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Las Lenas, Sept. 3-9
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Heading to Portillo Chile July 22nd. Cannot wait , it is still to far away to wait. I am impatient and HATE Summer. Like I always say. I was unfortunately born on the wrong end of the USA. Maybe in my second life I will be born in CO, CA, WY, or Montana. That would be nice Here on the East coast I can hike all I want , just not going to run into any snow
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Probably heading to Mt. hood in July!
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With this past winter being quite a dissapointment here in the PNW, I began to accept the fact that for the first winter in nearly 20 years, I might not ski at all. As I hadn't really enjoyed skiing for the past few years, I was starting to think that perhaps age was starting to get the better of me (most of our old ski buddies have quit years ago).

Back in late March, my wife and I dragged ourselves up to Mount Hood and decided to instead rent a pair of these "newfangled" shaped skis. Three runs later we were blasting through the woods and having more fun on skis than either of us had experienced in years. A week later, we tossed all 6 pairs of our old straight skis into the back of the closet, ran the credit card to the max and purchased the shortest skis we've ever owned.

Since then, we have had three of the best ski days in memory. Needless to say, I'll be hitting the glacier on Mount Hood as often as possible this summer and for the first time, I've planned a summer ski vacation to make up for years of marginal skiing.
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maybe in my dreams
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Hood July 4th weekend.
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Just came back from 7 (yes, seven) days on a glacier.

Will be there for another 5-6 toward the end of the month.

Then once more in July, probably the first half because there is not much snow on most glaciers in Central Europe.

I have been planning one short trip to the Italian Passo Stelvio/Stilfserjoch in August for at least 8 years but never go - I expect the same scenario this year as well.

I hope for the end of September on the new snow again but it´s no summer anymore.

Used to be better in the 70s, 80s and even 90s when real summer skiing was possible and reliable.
Otoh, some interruption makes you look forward to the next long season.
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In a couple weeks I'll be heading for Oregon. I grew up there, and had season passes at Timberline for six or seven years (mom filled mid week ski buses for Timberline ski school). I haven't skied the Palmer snowfield since I was in highschool, but I surely will this summer. I just wish I could afford to spend more days on the slopes.
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Hoping to.
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Hood in July.

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Chile on the 16th of July... very excited!
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I just got back from a quick weekend trip to SLC and spent a day at Snowbird. I would have done two days, but I ended up buying a house in Sugarhouse, so that took up most of my Sunday. (Plus, I tweaked my knee skiing on my Dad's giant K2 Kent Kreitler's with the silly eagle graphics). But, on the plus side, I'll get in lots of days next winter!

I want to head down to Mammoth later this month and get in a few more days, but the whole house buying thing has left me kinda tapped.
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Have to agree with kris247; the season's still on here in Utah! The lifts at Snowbird will be turning till the 4th of July this year, so we've got a few weekends of lift-serviced turns left.
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I will be @ SnowBird This weekend (June 18th,19th)
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Just came back from another 6 days on my Kaunertal glacier.
Three were perfect, two very good and just the first one crappy.
Good training from 7 till 10, on the best days till about 11:30 good for drills on technique.

Unfortunately, it was another hot week in Central Europe and the snow was suffering severely in the afternoon. There´s not much left and this year´s ski season on this particular glacier seems to be possible till about July 20 only (last year the closing date was August 15).

Otoh, the summer has its sunny sides too. I paid a short visit to a lake I usually do my swimming last Friday before leaving for the Alps (I prefer driving overnight) and this Friday I could be there again.
There´s nothing like some relaxed crawl after a week of twisting & turning & dragging slalom poles.

Sorry, didn´t mean to make you jealous. Just wanted to share my most recent skiing sentiments with people who are still on the skiing wavelength.

Btw, there was a young American racer with his Austrian coach, training together with an Austrian friend of mine and his two young racers. I joined them on the two best days and we had some nice conversation on the lift. He also told me that the Mt. Hood volcano was expected to errupt in about 35 years. It won´t bother me anymore but the younger of you should be careful when the time comes...
And, if there are as much as 20 lanes on Mt. Hood open till the end of August, I almost envy you the conditions. Just not the need to pay for them though 200 USD/day (which is the sum I was told) doesn´t seem that much.

And, yes, next to us some Austrian was training who should be the best among their Europe cup racers and an expected future Worldcup star (sorry, I forgot the name). Boy, he was really good! He took some private coaching in Dieter Bartsch Race Academy and Dieter was there in person watching attentively.
Bartsch is not Head´s Race Dpt. boss anymore and rumor goes and the other coach from his academy told me he would be working for Blizzard.
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Originally Posted by MTT
I will be @ SnowBird This weekend (June 18th,19th)
Maybe I missed it somewhere, but how much longer is Snowbird expected to stay open?
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July 4th, check the website. :P
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Skied Mammoth for 3 days over July 4th; then Portillo, Chile August 5-14.
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