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Need advice on fat skis

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Cool, this is my first post.

I am going to get my first pair of fat skis this year and I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas on what skis are worth demo-ing. I already have a pair of volkl g31s 188, and really like their stability and stiffness, but i desperately need more float for deep days.

I am looking mostly at skis around 85-90mm underfoot and wanted to know if anybody could share any experiences on different models/brands that they`ve been on. I weigh about 180 lbs and ski tahoe and a little in colorado (when there is snow). Oh yeah rossignol is out of the question because I have a friend whose rossys ruined a great day of skiing.

So if anybody has suggestions it would be greatly appreciated
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Lately I've been singing the praises of the Fischer Big Stix 84. I have not read one negative review of this ski. Loved it when I demoed it and bought a pair recently and am having a hard time being patient.

They have no metal so are lighter and less damp feeling than the Rossi XXX. I found them to really smooth out bad wind slab and hold well on hard pack and they were turny and handled bumps well.

There are skis that are wider in the waist, including the Fischer 106 (I think it is 106), but this would be a good one to check out. Along with

Volkl G4, Pocket Rocket, Atomic's R:Ex...is that the name?

Anyway, have fun!
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Also the K2 Axis X but not the Pro. You don't need the metal. The Bandit or Bandit X by Rossi wuold be nice. XX or XXX might be a bit stiff and heavy. All depends on your body make up and other factors as well. It's like boot stiffness. I'm so cotton pickin' short I don't have the leverage to bend those puppies, so I can get away with a bit softer boot without losing control over my skis. At our shop we have a guy who is over 6 foot. He needs a stiff boot. He would need and does have the Bandit XX for his weight and height and for his style of skiing.

Demo a few, choose one, and go kick some butt and take names! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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G4.. - I ski on 188 G31's out east, 188 G4's out west. Love both with one caveat. Maybe a bit wider than the G4. Most of the time it's great, but on some days that extra bit underneath comes in handy. Other that that both skis feel the same. The G4 actually rides more like a GS type ski, likes to go fast. If you want slow, little turns there's other skis that suit that are better suited.

I've ordered some explosiv's to fill out the quiver, so hopefully I'll be able to sing the praises of those later this year.
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A previously owned or unsold Volant Chubb 180cm, or the Solomon Pocket Rocket, about 180 cm would be my first two choices.
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For the record I'd have to say that there are many skis in this range that you could choose from and enjoy...

-K2 AK Launcher/Enemy is a great ski, wood core, solid.
-Salomon Pocket Rocket in a 185 is great if you're lighterweight (under 180lbs)
-Volkl G4 is sick. Pure Volkl race construction. If you want a ski solely for the deep days this might be too much unless you are pushing 200lbs.
-Atomic R:EX is great, super light, very nimble and Skis like an Atomic.

The Nordica Beast 92 really blew me away. This ski is definitely a sleeper in this category. This year they are red and look sick! Get this is a 188 and you'll rock.

I've got a pair of Pocket Rockets and I'm gonna snag a pair of K2's Seth Pistols as soon as they come out. This ski is ugly as sin, but I know that this ski is gonna rock the casba. Morrison's previous pro model totally rips and I think it could be one of the best skis ever made. I'm by no means a K2 fan either. Most of their stuff I've hated. However this year they're on to somethin. The Axis XP is unbelievable. Metal Laminate witha 78mm wasit thatcan do it all. I skied this ski out east on boiler plate, it rocked. Might be a little heavy and stiff for total powder days but for 1 ski to rule them all this is a good choice.
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I recommend Salomon Pocket rockets. I demoed a pair last season and I had a great time! The fact that there was about 2 feet of fresh powder on the ground had something to do with it, but that's probably what you want them for anyway.
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