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Beginner skiers - need info. for Breckenridge

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Our first time skiing was March 05 at Keystone. We are young adults at mid 40's, fell a lot, after 3 days we were still cruising around the beginner slope. Green run at Keystone is still too difficult for us. Wanda to try again next March, looking for advice for easier green run. Which Peak at Breckenridge is for beginner? Try looking for lodging within walking to beginner lift or ski-in/ski-out
is great. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Why wait till March! Go out earlier in the season and go more than a few times. Take some more lessons, maybe at another area. The more you can get out, the better you will like it and the better you can get. I don't know where you are located, but there are ski areas in many of the US states and there is probably one closer to you than you think. It may not be as big as Keystone, in fact it may just be a really small area, but if you are beginning it will give you great practice.
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Hi Marie,

I'll second what teachskiljp said: Don't wait until March, if you can get out to the mountains earlier. Our season begins in early-mid November at Breckenridge and Keystone, so there's lots of winter to enjoy and improve.

Please consider taking some lessons - we have a great ski school at Breck (and also at Keystone). Several of us here are on staff at the Breckenridge Ski and Ride School (skier31, chuckc, myself and some others) and a number of other Epic folks are instructors at some of the other mountains in and around Summit County. It's often the best way to build confidence, gain skills, and have fun while you're exploring the mountain. Even if you can't make your next ski vacation until next March, a few lessons early in the week will have you enjoying your ski vacation a whole lot more.

Lots of different places for a beginner to ski; at Breck, Peak 9 (the base areas closest to Main Street and downtown Breckenridge) is probably your best bet. We have base areas at the Village, and a little ways up the hill at Beaver Run. Most of the lower part of Peak 9 has long, gentle wide green runs that are great for learning, plus easy access to some more contoured greens and to blue intermediate trails when you're ready.

Some of the lodging downtown could be considered "walk-to", as are some of the lodges on the road up to Beaver Run. The more upscale lodging at the Beaver Run Resort and at Breckenridge Village is ski-in/ski-out. There's also easy access from pretty much anywhere in the County from the free Summit Stage to Breckenridge, the town's Breckenridge Free Ride bus, and the resort buses.

Also, if you might consider a trip to Utah in late January, consider the EpicSki Academy. The organizers and coaches have often said they're hoping to get more beginning skiers at the event, and that would be a terrific way to learn from some of the top pros in the business while having a hugely great time!

One way or the other, hope to see you on the hill!
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I second Peak 9 at Breck. However, in my opinion, Copper Mountain Union Creek is one of the best beginner areas...And by all means....TAKE LESSONS!!
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Yup, take a lesson and let the instructor tell you all that. You'll likely stick around the base of Peak 9.

I'm not sure Breck is a good place to learn. There's too many skiers and it's difficult to find a quiet place to learn. It's a solid intermediate area though.

When I have friends come up here I send them to Ski Cooper outside of Leadville. It's a really small area, impossible to get lost, and you can let the kids roam around on their own. There's virtually no crowd and has a laid back atmosphere. Loveland has a nice learning area as well. The comment about Copper was correct too.

If you prefer the Disney World of skiing, then by all means go to Breck.
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you wanna go to breck, they do lessons really well. its the most crowded but there's more than enough space on peak 9 for everyone. you could land a plane on some of those trails on peak 9. they are so wide.
take a full day group lesson. you should be skiing all thier greens on day 2.
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Thanks everyone for your advice. Right after returning from our first ski trip, we were ready to go again. However, our vacation time is limited because of the kids' school schedule, so our choices are Thanks Giving, Christmas or Spring Break. We prefer Spring Break because of the warmer weather, we are Houstonian, not use to the cold climate. Our first trip to Keystone, we went with 2 other families, 6 adults and 6 kids. We enrolled in two 1/2 day private lessons for our group, six kids in our group. Dear husband, myself and two other ladies in one group. The kids learned so fast, they skied green right that afternoon. We (the young adults) were just managed to ski down the bunny slope. I wished that I would have taken more lessons, so that what I am going to do the next ski trip and will stay for the entire week. One of the family in our group has skied all the New Mexico resorts, they preferred Summit County over NM. We are going with the same group again, so I start looking for house or condos that commodate our group. We can split up in two groups as long as we are in the same building. Any recommendation for ski-in/ski-out to Peak 9 is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Marie,

As a fellow Texan, and one who developed my skiing in the Summit County area, I can now tell you that there is a much better option available in Colorado. The Aspen Group, and in particular Snowmass, is a much less crowded situation, with everything you expect availiable. I also spent half a dozen years frequenting the Summit County area, but once I branched out and tried the Aspen Group, I wondered why I hadn't tried it much earlier. ...I think it was because of the 'glitz' reputation that goes with Aspen. ..I find there are more people trying to act like they are something they aren't in the Summit County area, than there are 'rich' people in the Aspen area trying to put on a 'show'. ...And the Front Range daytrippers are almost non existant!

....Take a long look at Snowmass for your destination! I don't think it will disappoint you.
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Summit County certainly has massive amounts of easy terrain, and Keystone in particular has that reputation. But Copper Mt.'s green runs are segregated more from advanced skiers and might be a less congested environment than Keystone or Breck.

I think the Aspen recommendation is right on for an even more relaxed learning environment. Buttermilk is specifically designed for that purpose, and after a few days there you should be able to get around nearly half of Snowmass comfortably.
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