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Ski Fiction/Photography Contest

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I came across this by accident, and submitted one of my shorter fiction pieces. It turns out I'm the only entry so far. It would kill my ego if I won by default, so why don't some of you enter?
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Maybe I should write a story about a fitness instructor who falls for an Irish guy because he's so flexible in her stretching classes...

Oh, sorry, you said it had to be fiction
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Actually, it was the way he balanced on one leg while holding a glass of beer.

The way you hold your glass
The way you sip your beer
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I don't know about the stories on this site, but I did skim through the Ask Bert section. The questions are good, but the advice is lousy.

These were under the "beginners" section....

Question of the Month: With Jackson Hole's new "Open Gate" policy, skiing the backcountry is allowed and encouraged. What do skiers have to know to take advantage of this new freedom safely?
A: Backcountry skiing is a risky situation. Adventurous Beginners should sharpen their basic turning skills before attempting this at all. You need specialized equipment that combines the attributes of telemark with downhill skis and boots to create a rugged, but flexible experience. Start with snowed over bike or snowmobile paths or golf courses and avoid the areas that lead to ravines, forests and gorges. A map helps, but often backcountry is unmapped and untried. It has to be discovered by you. It's ungroomed snow, so you have to have your turns down pat....there will be challenges everywhere. And don't forget to check the avalanche reports for the area you intend to explore: goto: www.csac.org, the Avalanche Center for current conditions.

How do I get off the chairlift? I'm fine on the slopes but the lift is a problem!
The best way to avoid a fall while unloading is to observe all signs posted by the resort in preparation, such as "keep ski tips up," "raise bar."

Groan - this kind of stuff is too painful to read. Usually, I'm specific with criticism, but this stuff is just so obviously off the mark in so many ways I'm just flabbergasted. I will not submit to a site with these standards. Hopefully, your submission will raise the bar a little.
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Yikes! I didn't even see that. I haven't been reading that much techno babble lately.

BTW, they did put my story up, just so they'd have more site content. This does not mean I won. It's far from being my best work, so I'm sure someone can give me some serious competition.
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