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Front Spoke Problem

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I hopped on my bike today, after a few weeks off during the move back to ithaca and the front wheel was making a snapping sound, metal on metal. It seemed as though spokes were too loose (it was a little bit out of true) and they were making the sound as they rubbed on each other.

I broke out the spoke wrench and started to straighten it out, with emphasis on tightening spokes rather then loosen to take care of the snapping problem. It seems that its gotten a little bit worse (as in more frequent) So I am posted this question because obviously I've either gone in the wrong direction or missed the caused completely.

any thoughts?
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sharp "ping" sounds can be spokes re-seating in their beds.

grinding sounds are usually too-loose spokes IF it's a spoke noise. grinding is not always spoke related.

now that you've played with the spoke tension in a few spokes, the whole wheel probably needs re-tensioning. If you really want to learn how to do that yourself, you should pay your local bike shop's wheel builder the appropriate amount of beer to give you a wheel truing/tensioning lesson. it's far too complicated for me to explain.
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