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Season opens in a week and me without my gear!

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Completely overwhelmed with all the technology, selection and jargon I’m appealing to anyone who can help me choose some gear (and or advice on what I should be looking for!) Up until now I’ve been exclusively a renter (either that or using things like my grandmas old straight 190’s : ), this season I want to get serious.

I’m looking for some decent gear on a budget, the whole shebang (boots/bindings/skis/poles)

Where I stand:
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Height: 6’2’’
Shoe size: wide’ish 11 US
Weight: 160lb
Skill: level 7
Budget: Student (so I have no money)… Can sell my sole for up to ~$1000nz (~$700US)

What I like: Tricky runs that keep you on your toes – variety of snow conditions. Not one for the tricks or bombing down the mountain.

Where I’ll be skiing: Primarily Mt Hutt in New Zealand (heck it’s only an hour away and I’ve picked up a cheap seasons pass)

Thaaaat about sums it up, I’d prefer to get gear to grow into rather then something that’s just getting me ready to spend more money.

I’ll probably buy from the states as the selection and prices here are shocking - if anyone knows where I can get a deal (I have a US shipping address so I can buy from pretty much anywhere) I’d be much obliged.

I can go try out anything that they do have in the stores here if anyone can recommend specifics (Otherwise I’ll take the advice of the community and put it on the old credit card asap!!!)

Thanks SOO much, I’m counting on your collective expertise

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Skis for new zealand

Start by reading the reviews on this site for skis that are good at crud, ice and eastern usa conditions.

Then read the reviews at www.skipress.com and search this forum for links to other reviews.

Most importantly, demo.

Jace at Jace's ski hut in methven has some fantastic demo skis and is very knowledgeble. Some of his sale stock is cheaper than you can get in the usa, even with the strong NZ dollar.

Be careful with shipping from the USA, you may have a shipping address but getting them into NZ from there can be a mare. Again, read up on the forum, this has been much discussed.

Finally, think long and hard about what you enjoy when you ski. Before you purchase you must 'know thy self' otherwise it's easy to spend cash uneccessarily.

And always get your boots fitted professionally. The fit garuntee from buying in NZ will offset the cost saving of importing boots even with one toe blow or heel shim.

Salomon boots are great for kiwi feet used to jandals and spending summer barefoot on the beach (read wide forefoot).

Demo, demo, demo...
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Hey, I am taking pity on you because you are a kiwi but the "what gear should I buy" question never sems to get any useful responses.

First boots. Forget about getting them online, I guarantee if you do they will not fit. Go along to Snow and Surf on Tuam St and talk to the guys there. They are the best boot fitters in Chch. Mainland are also good, but Victoria ski sport and McEwings are terrible.

Skis. It is a pity you missed out on the CSA sale at the start of the month, there was heaps of good gear at excellent prices, it is always the first Sunday in May at Addington raceway, keep an eye out for it next year. Looking for good second hand gear will be an uphill battle at this time of year. Keep renting for the moment and find out when Hutt will be holding demo days and try out everything there to get an idea of what type and size of skis you want. Buying overseas is often not as good as you might think, I was looking at it last year and once you haggle a bit (20% off full retail price is the real "normal" price) you won't save much by buying overseas and the season may be half gone by the time you get your gear.
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NZskier, Kiwiski - Your legends~

I‘m still kicking myself for missing that CSA sale : Knew it was coming up then next I heard it was history… sigh… On the bright side I’ll have the chance for some journeys of self discovery and demo time this season~

Will definitely take your advice on the boot fitting, although - would it be naive of me to think that I could go into Snow and Surf, sort out some boots then turn round and order the exact ones in from the states? With the way you’ve both stressed the fitting process I’m guessing it doesn’t work like that. :

You may be right about shipping from the states – I am a bit of a semi regular importer but it’s still $10/kg which would definitely add up for things like boots and god help me if theirs an odd size – weight conversion deal for the ski’s. :

I’ll swing by Snow and Surf tomorrow afternoon to check out some boots, guess that’ll give me a good base to start demo’ing from then leave the big ski purchase till next years CSA sale, that is, unless old Jace has something that picks my fancy

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Is there a shortage of used gear in NZ? I've managed to get through most of my life on last years demos.

Just be sure the stuff isn't beat ... look at the upper line and go shorter than those 190's, 160 to 170 range would be best at your weight.
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