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Welcome to CO., Rick!!

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You were just too damn cool for Florida! Where will you be teaching?
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Hey Coloradons! Where's yer' manners!
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Sorry Lisamarie, I didn't mean to be rude.

But.....I don't have any idea who you're talking about!

Welcome, Rick!!!! Good job leaving flat, hot Florida!!!
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Hey, I just noticed your message! Thanks LM for the warm welcome. I've lived here in Colorado twice before, and it's so great to be back for good now. I walk out side, look around, and just can't stop grinnin.

Haven't lined up a winter teaching job yet, I'm just so hyped right now with biking, hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, running, (etc., etc.) I haven't started to explore winter options. My thinking right now is that Summit County is going to be my primary stomping grounds, so I'm looking forward to meeting the gang out there and doing some sliding together.

Hey Bear, I appreciate your greeting also. If you drop into the instructional forum on occasion, you'll recognize me by my signature line name, FASTMAN. I'm right up the road from you in Woodland Park.
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