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WANTED: Rossignol BANDIT 'air' jacket (or know where 2 get 1 from?????)

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Hi guys,

Im over in Australia, and we dont exactly get the best range of Rossi ski gear, as we have a set catalogue which differs from the US and Europe. Im after the Rossignol BANDIT 'air' jacket in a size small or medium, preferably small.

It is a yellow jacket, with light grey on the sleeves, and the wrist cuffs are yellow as well. Its an awesome jacket that we cant get over here, and I really, really want ot get one for this season. Check out this link to see which one im talking about :

http://www.skisrossignol.com/index.php?&lang=IV&class=Outerwear&function=produi t&template=matrice.html&insidefile=outer_produit.h tml&oidProd=T002:091def7252bdcf568daf68f441d0d44b& oidit=T001:0421d1dec8b394fc5a2fab35953ce1cd&nomenu =1

Im wanting to know if anyone had one to sell, or knows of a shop that they can get one from, so we can work something out. Preferably id like to buy it online, but I cant find it anywhere! If anyone can help, please let me know by emailing me at ggogos@bigpond.net.au

Cheers guys, I hope someone can help out.
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That's a tough one. Have you tried to contact Rossignol directly?

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well its Sunday night here and I just put the post up yesterday, so I havent really had the chance. Rossi over here said I might have to contact the states for it, which is what ill end up doing. Im just hoping someone has seen it in a store near them, so I could maybe get it that way. Id imagine directly from rossi would cost a fortune.

Cheers though buddy
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I checked around and did a google search. Not much came back.
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I have seen these jackets at the local ski chain here in Boston (I know they still have the vests, and maybe have the actual jackets? Their website is www.skimarkets.com, I also saw them in a shop in Park City in January of this year, I cannot remember the name but someone might be able to help you with that. It was the shop accross the street from Cole Sports (I believe it is another chain as well).

Sorry that is the best i can do.

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Sorry the website is www.skimarket.com. Sorry
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Thanks kro77! I sent them an email with what im after. Is there anyone in the area who would bi willing to give them a quick buzz to c if the jacket is in stock in a small? Its the yellow/light grey one. If someone could, id greatly appreciate it. I spent half an hour last night sorting how to dial from our land line to the US with the country codes and all, only to find that the phone is barred from making international calls! Dads out of town for another fortnight, and cant unbar it for me until I get back (Long story, I used to make alot of mobile an o/s calls, which is why its now barred! hes scared, oooo)

If somebody can, it would be awesome. At least Ill know they have it, and I can go from there.

Cheers for your help
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I got in touch with someone from skimarket, and they told me that one of their stores has the jacket. They said original retail is $550 but it is now on sale for $384.99. Does that price sound about right?? Seems very expensive still, I would have thought it would be a fair bit cheaper. What do you guys think? I really want the jacket, but didnt expect that much.
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Ya alot of the name brand jackets are alot. I have a Helly Hanson Jacket that was $230 on sale, and Ive seen some of the volkl and rossi jackets for alot more. Since you are looking for such a specific jacket that might be the going price.
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I just got informed from one of the sales reps that there will be a further 30% off the jacket at the register, which makes it around $265! Woohoo, sounds good. Now I just have to work out how to get the damn thing!
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Hi guys,

I just called the store that was meant to have the jacket, but they didnt have it. So I guess im back to square 1. Has anybody seen this jacket at another store?? Im desperate to get this jacket before our season starts.

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well, no luck again. apparently, there is a store called Ski house in MA (978 658 0044) Who is meant to have received 4 of them from Rossi, according to Rossi head office in the US. Problem is, I cant get through to them becasue of this stupid time difference!!! Seems this jacket didnt circulate around very much, Rossi reckons they were the only store who ordered it, apart from the reps. AWESOME jacket though, I cant understand why.

Again, im hoping some user out there has seen one os these jackets in a small at one of their local ski shops, so maybe I can organise something with them to ship it to me.

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I guess only Boston area shops ordered these things

Ski Haus i think is the name. I am not sure if this place is even open during the day.

Ski Haus 320 Lowell St, Wilmington, MA 01887 (978) 658-0044
I think they are having their sale going on now check this link


Their hours are 10-6 EST whic would make it 10pm to 6am your time i think.
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I think thats the one! I tried calling, but they are only open from Wednesdays to Saturdays during the summer there. Ill have to try on Wednesday to get through. Well, its wednesday here, so around midnight tonight. Ill let you all know how I go.

Cheers kro
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I gave skihaus a call, they had the jacket but only in a large and an xtra large Even better, it was only 199US!! pity though, they wouldnt sell it to me as im international. Does anyone know if a jacket like that can be tailored? It has welded seams, so I think it may be a bog problem. This is what desparation does to a man!!!! :
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anyone?? Someone must have seen one around......
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