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USPro race in Philly

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Cycling, that is, on Sunday, June 5. Anybody going?
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the Manayunk Wall?

never been, Evan, but one of my buddies is married to a gal from Flourtown and the old CoreStates used to buzz right past her house on the way to/from the Wall.
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When my Mother-in-law was with Corestates, we would go every year for about 10 straight. Haven't been down in a while.
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I'm a definite maybe. If the weather is agreeable, I may be in the mountains for the weekend. Will let you know here.
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I am doing a club event on Sunday, no go here.

We need to get over to the park for some mountain biking.
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Hey I thought you were planning for the opening of Blue? Just bought my season pass Phil! Evan, I know I can count on you for a day or two. They are supposed to open a new run or two this season... I know Phil, it still sucks! Been doing a bunch of trap shooting and the new gun is great. I will have to bring skiing one day.
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