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What kind of glue should I use to glue an edge back in?
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Krazy Glue - cuz that's a crazy idea.
Take it to a ski shop and get it fixed.
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I agree with bklyntrayc

Take it to a shop. Depending on the type of ski and how it was damaged will determine what type of glue and repair is required. If it is a "cap" ski with an edge blowout as well as edge damage, they will need to put th ski in a press to get some of the shape back. They use different epoxy's depending on the material they are attempting to attach to. In some cases they will need to use mechanical fasteners to complete a repair.

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I use 5 minute epoxy. Cover the damage with epoxy, and use c clamp to press the edge back in place. I cover the clamp with cellophane so that it doesn't become glued to the edge. When it's dry, scrape off the excess epoxy, and fill the hole with a p-tex candle. Sometimes I mix up some fresh epoxy and cover the damage again before I drip in the p-tex. That seems to make it hold a little better.
Leave the damaged edge on the outside. You'll never notice the difference.

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Came across this on TGR a while back http://www.telemarktips.com/BaseRepair.html
Think I'd have a go on an old ski first for practice.
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Tognar tools has a hysol epoxy which is much better than 5 minute. I used their little screws and that epoxy to put and edge in this spring with good results.
http://www.tognar.com/surgery_repair....html# SPK-EC
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seaweed and snot.
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Most hardware stores have 24 hour epoxy which I believe is stronger than 5 minute. The time they list, like 5 minute or 24 hour, is the time it takes to get hard. Epoxy continues to get harder after that. If you can let it totally cure all summer it should be very strong by the Fall.

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