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Fischer WC RC Length ?

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I would like to take advantage of one of the great deals currently found on these. I am 6' 2" but only 160 lbs, 40 years old, advanced/expert. I will use these for high speed carving on piste but I do not want to rely on super high speeds to get the skiis to turn. I am back and forth between 170 and 175. Any help would be appreciated.
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Either size should work for you given your weight/height/ability. At 170cm the turn radius is 15m at 175cm 16m. The 175cm will be closer to a GS ski feel. The RC4 WC RC likes to turn and has been a very successful ski for Fischer.
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I have them in 175cm and I liked them when I weighed 145 and I liked them when I weighed 170 and I am 5'10". I ski everyday and recently got the WC SC in 165 and I like them more. The RC is more forgiving and need to go faster to carve. The SC is a little more versatile with the wider tips and they are amazing on ice. Both skis are awesome and either length of the RC will be a hoot. You won't have to go super fast to carve them at either length. A racer on this forum, Alaska Mike I think, Weighs 180 or 190 and he prefers the RC in 170.

Good luck.

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I just picked up a pair of WC SC's as well ('03-'04 123mm tip) in 155. Should be interesting at 6' 2". Haven't demoed these. I just have a good feeling about them. They will become my before lunch skiis. The RC's, after lunch (provided I can still stand).

I plan on mounting Look P-10's on both skiis. Any drawbacks here?

Thanks for your feedback thus far.
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I have 175cm RCs for my beer league/tight course GS skis. It's just a great ski for cruising, and they can handle speed quite easily. After skiing on a 10M (radius) ski, they will probably feel like a supertanker when you want them to turn, but in reality they are quite easy to initiate and shape. A great ski.

I can't remember if the P10 has much of a lifter, but it may be a concern since both skis have hefty lifters already- the combination can really put you a little high off the snow. I put Marker race bindings with the piston interface on my RCs and they look a little like '70s pimp boots. I know you don't care about FIS regs, but it is a concern. Do a little measuring before you make a decision.
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I see I was off about the length of your rc's. Was I off on your weight as well?

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You flattered me a little there as well. More on the high side of your estimate. However, I think I would go with the 175 even if I was 40 lbs lighter. I know a few juniors that raced that length before they had to obey length/sidecut restrictions, so it's not entirely a weight issue. The ski in general is one of the more performance-oriented race carvers- more so than many cross skis or detuned GS skis. A good driver can have a lot of fun on the RC.
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I ski the 160 cm WC SC & the 175 CM WC RC

the WC RC in a 170 was too turny to race & i went w/ the 175 cm ski. the 175 is a ton o ski for my wt (140 lbs) & really only comes alive when at race or early am bomb the mtn speeds (for me)

as for the bindings: mount the toe w/ the lifter & the heel w/o. This will let you take full advantage of the fischer's large shovel. (i ski the p 14 & this has made a huge diff. w/ a 285 mm boot)
good luck
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Thank you for all the great input. I went with '04 175's from Ski Depot. Nice folks. It's going to be a long summer. Thanks again.
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at 5'10" and 160 lbs, 43 yrs old, level 8 male skier, I skied the WC SC (Note, not the Race SC) in a 160cm size and thought it perfect.
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O.T @ gonzostrike note would be needed for wc sl
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