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8800 binding

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Thinking of getting a Dynastar 8800 legend and was wondering how much difference there is between the Look P12 lifter and Look P12 FR. Does the lifter perform significantly better on groomed trails ?
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I typically like some lift. but I have the FreeRides on my 8800's and hardly notice any difference at all.
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I have the lifters on mine and they seem fine. I ski a lot of bumps and trees on powder days in CO. The skis in general are surprisingly good in bumps.
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I have P12 Ti Lifters on mine and am happy. Yes, you give up slight performance in variable snow/straightlining/air on a fat ski by not being mounted flat, but the lift gives them much better performance carving on hardpack. I still find them great in power/choppy snow with the lift. Also discovered that fatter skis rule slushy conditions this spring, you just plow through/over everything while those on thinner skis are getting mangled around.
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Look lifters provide only 6mm of net lift. You'd be fine either way most likely. I have a few pairs mounted both ways (and some Looks mounted on a T-Plate for 10mm of lift).
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