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Dynastar Ski-cross 9 or 10's

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Any ladies out there have experience with Dynastar skicross, either model 9 or 10, I'd appreciate the feedback. My daughter is 16 going on 30 ... 5'5" and about 125 lbs. She has a very tired pair of K2's, and I'm looking to get her another pair. New pairs of these Skicross', in 2002-2003 year models, were going at pretty good prices on e-Bay.

Reviews I've read are very favorable ... huge sweet spot, fairly stable, quick turns, lightwight, etc. Anyway, if you've an opinion, I'd appreciate prior to making a buy. Thanks... :
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The Skicross 10 is a lot of ski and given her size may be alot for her to handle.
It's not about her skill level but her size. The 9 is a nice versatile ski that is not as stiff.
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I didn't demoed the '9. The '10 is still quite soft for a 'cross ski', and indeed easy to carve and more at ease with medium or short turns than large high-speed curves, where it is not as stable as other ski in that category (Actualy, I think the 'real' cross racing ski from dynastar is the skicross pro, a Course 66 in disguise, ie a GS ski). It's not the best of the pack on iced terrain either. But, on the other hand, you're not 'stuck' in your curve, as you are with a more 'radical' ski. The skicross is easy to skid and always let you several options on a crowded slope or in front of an unexpected hazard.
In that range of skis, let's say the Skicross is closer to Salomon Crossmax (but not as bland) than to a Volkl Superspeed or a SX:11... A realy versatile ski that I really enjoyed. I'm not sure there's a big difference between the '9 and the '10, but others may have a more informed opinion on that.
Maybe, hum, your daughter should demo ?
PS : English is not my first language...
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that was a very articulate description of how a ski compares to other makes / models of ski's. I have never skied the (Skier-cross 10) but have skied many of the other models you mention here. Based on your comparison to other ski's under differnt situations, I feel like I know just how this ski would perform for me under various conditions.
To put a positive spin on the 10, It is a midrange all mountain cruiser. A good ski for less aggressive intermediate/ advanced skiers looking for a forgiving all day ski. (Ski Patrol) may consider this type ski to patrol slopes for extended periods of time.??

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