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Why the wide tail?

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A lot of people say that the Skiercross athletes are using race stock GS skis with cross graphics. I noticed the sidecuts are almost identical between the following skis:

'05 Volkl P60 GC Racestock 106 - 67 -89
'06 Stockli Laser GS 105 - 66 - 88
'05 Stockli Laser Cross Pro 106 - 67 - 96

The only significant difference seems to be the 7 - 8mm wider tail on the cross ski. What is the purpose of the wider tail? Maybe the narrower tails on the GS skis are needed to maintain the >21m requirement?
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It´s not that "a lot of people say" - that´s simply the way it is. Has already been discussed not long ago.

The wider vs. narrower tail is NOT the only significant difference.
Laser Cross Pro (an exception with the 21+ radius) has 21.5 m/188 cm while the Laser GS 26 m/188 cm.
The tip dimensions are deceiving: they state the maximum width attained about 4-5 cm outside of the contact point and thus irrelevant for both the turm initiation on hardpack and radius calculation.
Most "skicross" skis have more radical sidecuts with real tip width of more than 100 mm.
Most new race stock GS are rather "straight" with maximum width slightly more than 100 m but 98 mm at the front contact point.
(I have measured Atomic sandwich, Nordica, Head, Dynastar, Elan, Salomon - they all had 98 mm.)
The narrowish tail (as part of the less radical sidecut with 25+ radius) makes the ski generally faster, esp. in fast courses and less offset gates. Unlike the powerful wide tails it does not enforce too much turning at the turn exit. Such a shape corresponds with the present state of GS races/courses (whether we like them or not).
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Ditto & more confusion:

the "skier cross models" you can purchase in the stores are really all-mtn/hard pack skis: Dynatar SC 9/10, Soli crossmax, Atomic SX 10/11, Fischer RX 9, Elan Ripstickx, rossi oversize... really good skis (my favorite for all mtn/everwhere stuff) but way too turny for a skier cross race
What people are racing skier cross with are stock gs & now more Super G skis. SG skis are longitudially softer to absorb impact & landings, yet torsionally very stiff.

Where most ski public models have 106-114 tips & radius of 17 meters or so, a true SG ski will be somewhere around 95 mm, 30 meters & in the 195cm to 209 cm range
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