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Volkl 5 Stars VS 2003 Atomic C11

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New memeber here. This is a great site and I approeciate the help. I posted previously about a pair of Dynastar Troblemakers that I won in a golf tournament that are probably a bit short for me. Having seent he replies (thanks to all that replied) I think I agree that this ski will not support my needs in an all mountain type of ski. I've been skiing 2003 Atomic C11's for the most part the last couple of years. I love these skis. However, they suck in the crud and obviously they can not be used on poweder days. I have an old pair of first generation Bandits that I use on those occasions, but they are growing tired. I saw a pair of 2004 Volkl 5 stars here locally for short money with S912TI bindings. I'm not a Salomon bindings fan as the toe screws loosen repeatedly. Regardless, how much wider under foot are these Volkl 5 stars to my 2003 C11's? Would I get a bit more versatility out of the 5 stars? I'll continue to ski my c11's on the groomers and on the days when I have the strenth to ski at speeds right down the fall line, but I'm in need of something that I can take in the glades, use on a pwder day, in the bumps, and in the crud (ie. a more true all moutain ski) Will I be happy with the 5 stars? I'm 6 foot 210 lbs and 40 years old. The 5 stars I have my eye on are 175's so I'm happy with the length, and again I can pick them up for $250 with the S912TI's. Thanks to all for your help!
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I don't really understand. The 5 stars is definitely not a powder ski, but a groomer ski. though it may prove more slightly more versatile than your atomics, it is not a substitute for a bandit. If you're into Volkl, check the 724 instead. Around 80mm underfoot is what an all mountain should have.
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thanks, i guess I made it too complicated in my post. I was really just asking if the 5star was a decent all mountain ski or more of a true carver. Tks.

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Have you considered Atomic's Metron line? Specifically the M11 or the MB5? They sound perfect for the uses you've described. They will not only take you from the groomers to the off-piste terrain, but they'll perform admirably in both conditions. They're great for glade skiing with their short turn radius, and have plenty of float in pow with their 76+ mm waist. Check other reviews here on the Bear. As anyone else will recommend....demo, demo, demo!
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Could you define what you concider crud? conditions.

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HAH, I guess I define Crud as anything other than corduroy. Couple of inches of POW that is not groomed for a few days to me is crud, loose granular stuff that I ski on here in NH-ME is crud, etc.. Anything but hardpack or POW.
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Thanks for the posts, you've all given me a lot to ponder this off season.....
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The Five Stars you are looking at are from a few seasons ago (03-04) when it was available without the motion rails. I skied these older generation 5* in Utah in conditions ranging from icy bumps and groomed to knee deep powder in trees. I think you will find them versatile for the range of conditions you will encounter, and will particularly enjoy them on groomed. They are 68 mm at the waist if that is a help, but have a pronounce sidecut that will help you pull turns if you keep them on edge. The skis will slip just fine, but are more fun to carve.
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