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Twin Tips for All Mountain/Off Piste??Size??

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I won a pair of Dynastar Trouble Maker's in a golf tournament this past weekend. I've been skiing Atomic C11 and Rossi Bandit's the past fe years. Both are 180's. I'm 6 foot and 210 lbs and an aggessive on piste type of skier. I love the C11's becuase they perform well at speeds and carve like crazy. My kid skis and rides in the park quite a bit on a pair of Line Chronic's twin tips and/or on his board. I wwould like to be able to use the Dynastar trouble makers for myself as an all mountain ski that can handle some of the jumps in the park. They are 165's. My question follows; Is this too small of a ski for me? I swore my next ski was going to be a 170 or 175, but I'm worried about jumping down to a 165. i'm a guy that use to ski on 210's Back in the day! I also heard that twin tips are suppose to be a bit LONGER? ANy thoughts? Again, i won these skis, so no big deal, but I'll put them on e-bay before I use them if they're not OK for All Mountain or if they are too short. Thanks!!!!
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To be honest Bill, 165 does sound a little short for all mountain use. Certainly on a Metron or on a slalom race ski then 165 would be plenty long enough.

The trouble maker is a great ski and you may find 165 just right in the terrain park. All you stand to loose is stability at speed and float in powder.

Will these replace your bandits?
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My bandits are first generation (2001) and the sidecut isn't much help anymore. I use them for poweder days or for real crud days. Currently skiing the C11's 90% of the time. I love them, but as I'm sure you would agree, they are not made for anything but ripping at high speeds. Soooo, I'm in need of something for this fall and these dynastar's fell in my lap. Not to mention that they look real cool and my 11 year old thinks I should mount 'em and rid 'em.

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They are short for your weight!! But hey they were free. Mount em up and try it out. They wont be any fun in the half pipe, No way on the big kickers in the park, but if you have a burning desire to ride rails and boxes, ski switch? Give em a ride.

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Sell them. They're both too short and too soft for an aggresive 200+ pound skier.

As a reference point, my son is an aggresive skier who's about 5'9", 185 lbs and he found the Trouble Maker too soft for his liking. He ended up on a Public Enemy. Oh...and he's 13 years old.
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If they are free, give them a shot. I skied PE's in a 169 on east coast and found no stability issues at all (and I am over 200 lbs). The only way to know for certain is to try em. Granted the TM's are supposed to be softer than the PE, they will most likely be great fun, especially in the park/pipe and bumps.

Yeah, they may be a little short, but how will you know what you like from a twintip (yes they do ski a bit differently) without trying them. Hell, these are free afterall, mount em up and ski em. Take the time to get used to them and see what you do and do not like about them. And if the dislikes outweight the the likes, then sell am and get something else based on your preferences determined by the TM's.
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I agree that they are too short, but they're free....

....try 'em.
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Sell them unless you want a dedicated rail noodle. I wouldn't even bother trying to ski them. The cost of mounting and depreciation from a used ski will probably cost you $100 or so if you decide to dump them later.

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the way I look at it, you aren't sure exactly what you want in a twin-tip. Therefore, if you sell the TM's, you might get about $150 if they are last years TM's and you would still not know what you like in a twin-tip. However, if you mount em, ski em, and choose to sell em, you can get $100 for the skis (without bindings) plus you'd then know what you think of the length (if you wanted longer, how much longer), and you'd know wether you prefered a stiffer twin or a softer twin, a standard flex versus a progressive flex pattern, want more or less sidecut, you could possibly know wether you'd prefer the skis mounted forward at all, and have a general idea what to expect from similar skis. To me, that knowledge is worth the difference in potential retun from selling the ski.
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I demoed the Trouble Makers at Tahoe this past January. Yes they are a little soft, but excellent in trees, bumps and even 14 inches of fresh powder at Kirkwood. Handled groomed trails just fine as well. I am however only 5'7" 165 lbs, advanced skier. Good Luck with them, however, I would be interested in buying them should you decide to sell.
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All powder twin-tips have a very small running area on the snow. But if you want them for trees, soft bumps, etc. - but they're so-so in Sierra Cement, mank, crud, and powder that is crusted over. But all short skis (goes double for short twin-tips) have a very small sweet spot. Powder twin-tips should be longer than your regular shaped ski size, but with some sidecut they are sweet in the trees.

Actually, the Trouble Maker isn't that fat.
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