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Volant by Atomic!

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Gen X, Volants new sugardaddy is looking for a company to build skis for them. Atomics name has cropped up. Atomic currently builds snowboards for Gen-X (Ride and Lamar) and has excess build capacity that they need to fill. So talking is going on.

Also... we might see a Volant boot down the road... and no, it will not be stainless steel (I asked ).

Gen-X wants to be a big player in the alpine market.
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"Also... we might see a Volant boot down the road... and no, it will not be stainless steel (I asked)"

Who was it had the magnesium boot shell in the early 1970's?

Rosemont had a stainless steel door on the rigid plastic shell.

Didn't Daleboot have a tin top to its shell at one time?
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Phil you don't think this might sway you in your loyalty to a ski ......will it?
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Votomic Beta Steel 10.Chubb featuring Volant's steel cap construction with atomic's beta technology with pre-cambered steel tubes running through the length of the ski....
coming in winter 200X

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Are Volant's sold here in Austria? (I haven't seen any in the shops).

If Atomic start making them then perhaps availability will be better in Europe.
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I don't think so mello boy. Stainless steel tubes running the length of the ski, would create all kinds of flex and ski integrity problems.

Anyway, I don't want the Austrains building a ski originally designed and built in North America.

Atomic is a great company and they seem to be at the top in just about every catagory, but I hate the idea of them taking an even larger market share with Volant skis. I am afraid if they take over building the ski, it will cease to exist but in the meantime it will change for the worse, and the name "Volant" will be nothing more than a name to describe a marketing catagory rather than a unique line of skis.

Last week, I may have bought my last pair of Volants as I know and love them:T3 Power !
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Dangerous Brian,

you should be able to pick up some Volants somewhere in Austria - I've seen a few shops back here in the motherland selling them, and I also saw a few outlets in Switzerland last year. it would be strange if they were totally unavailable in such a big skiing country as Austria.

Good luck

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