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I just spent the past two days skiing Squaw Valley. If you have the means to get to Squaw. DO IT!! NOW. Hero snow everywhere. This is one of those rare years where you can ski fast soft corn snow anywhere on the mountain that you can get to. Groomers are fast and soft. the few bump runs that exist (Off Granite Chief) Are not so big bumps with the consistency of bean bag chairs. The glades, drops and chutes have very good coverage, and are relativly untracted. Snow is melting so fast you have that brown cover over everything, but not many surprises. My favorite thing yesterday was bombing down a steep pitch, and then looking back at my bright white traks on an open slope that has that brown hue. Lots of people skiing in shorts, bathing suite's t-shirts. The Terrain parks are awsome!! (10AM till noon) Huge soft jumps (60, 80 Ft) tables with 200Ft sloped landing areas.

If you like to ski you should not miss this last week at Squaw Valley CA.

PS: Only reason I'm not there today (TO BURNT AND BEATUP TO SKI)