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Timex Expedition 4:00AM Road Trip

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This may be an interesting temporary job for any night owls with good writing skills.
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umm, needs a login/membership to read.

What's the deal?
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Base Camp Communications
Industry Marketing, Online/New Media, Public Relations
Salary Temporary Assignment
Job Duration Project Basis
Job Location Rocky Mountains, USA

The 4 A.M. Road Trip Reporter will travel around the Rocky Mountain West for 4-6 continuous weeks during the summer of 2005 (July, August) documenting the Timex Expedition 4 A.M. road trip – an unscripted journey of 3 questionable citizens in celebration of the 4 A.M. lifestyle. What is the 4:00am lifestyle? It’s an outdoor junkie’s ability to plow through lack of sleep, bad micro beer, and 7-11 coffee in order to experience the best conditions.

Reporting will consist of journal-style entries documenting outdoor expeditions, music, sport and mushroom festivals, and other random gatherings and incidents. Reporting will also include transcribing Q&A with local icons, editorials/opinions about regional access and conservation topics, Mexican restaurant/beer reviews and other Deep Thoughts. Oh yeah, there will be some guerilla marketing activities to report on as well (nothing illegal, as far as we know).

Reporter should be a fan and/or student of Gonzo-style journalism/law (clips required); must be able to read and understand operating instructions of digital camera; must believe in the power of the Internet; must be more than proficient in aggressive outdoor pursuits such as climbing, paddling, mountain biking, slack lining…; must be familiar with outdoor access and conservation issues; must be familiar with key influencers; must be willing to discuss the last time you were up at 4 A.M. and why; may or may not be certified in Wilderness First Aid; must not be afraid of truck stop corndogs.

You will be living in a tent or RV for the duration with people that might be considered your peers.

- Develop and deliver 2 reports/day to 4 A.M. forum.
- Assist in itinerary research and planning.
- Assist in expedition research and planning.
- Monitor forum each day for itinerary suggestions, questions and opinions.
- Assist in guerilla marketing activities (nothing illegal, as far as we know).
- Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned (Sherpa, mechanic, mascot … )
- Occasional dish duty

4 A.M. Reporter will be paid $1,000/week for four –six weeks. Additionally, 4 A.M. Reporter will receive daily travel stipend of $50/day for food, lodging, beverages.
Contact Mike Geraci
Email Address Yo@base-camp1.com
Address P.O. Box 1416
Jackson, WY 83001 USA
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