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Help needed: 2006 Supersport Allstars or 2006 Unlimited AC4's???

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Hi guys,

Im currently in the process of purchasing the new skis, and were narrowed down to the new Volky 2006 Allstars, but have now started to consider the new 2006 AC4's. Im 5'7'', roughly 140lb's. Im from Australia, so we dont exactly have much decent powder to ski, but I will be in New Zealand a bi this winter to ski, so Im wanting to do hopefullyas much off-piste as on this season. Im an aggressive skiier, but most of my time previously has been spent on groomers than off in the powder.

Im after the most practical all mountain ski for my needs, and the AC4's are looking to be the answer. I have read alot of interesting views on both skis in these forums, so its good to see that both are well credited. I really love the wider waist on the AC4's compared to the allstars, as well as the tail and tip. The allstars seemed to be my choice up to a week ago, but now I just dont know. Im not really in a position to demo them either.

What I need from people is their views on what would be the most effective all mountain and condition ski, thats awesome on groomers, and respectible in crud and powder. Im leaning to the allstars for groomers, but are they also half decent in powder and off-piste? Im also wanting to pull off a few mid air manouvers and land them without killing myself this time, lol.

Also, what length do you guys recommend? I was solid on 161cm's for the allstars, so what do you think? On the AC4's. 163 or 170cms?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated guys. Im at the point where I need to make a decision soon, and most people on this forum really seem to know what they are talking about with expreience, so good on you guys!
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I have the same question. You may also want to think about the Unlimited AC3. The question here is how much over the knee deep powder skiing do you do or want to do? If the answer is ZERO over the knee powder than go with the AllStars. If you do some over the knee powder skiing than go with AC3 or AC4. If you only ski over the knee powder once or twice every 5 years than you can always rent wide powder boards those days and go with the AllStars.

Let me know what you decide. Since I have the same issues.

AC4: 125-82-110
AC3: 116-74-102
AllStars 116-70-101
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You see, thats whats Ive been thinking too. we dont exactly get over knee powder in australia, so im better off with the allstars for skiing here. I will be in New Zealand quite a bit, so it is probably easier to rent fats if I need them over there. Its going to be primarily groomers for me, and a bit of off piste, if the season allows. HOPEFULLY we will have a good season over here!!

Anyone out there having good sessions with the allstars that they might wanna brag about? I like to hear peoples ups and downs on the skis, seeing there isnt much info or reviews on them yet. Ive looked at the posts in this forum and seem impressed with them (BIG thanks to Canyons, for clarifying alot of questions I had between the AC4's and Allstars. Ur a champ!!)

How do people find the allstars off-piste and in cruddy situations? Any feedback would be appreciated. Im about 90% for the allstars, hopefully some positive posts will do it for me. Like I said, Id primarily love to demo them, but its not the season for them yet (another month) plus I can get them for a decent price at the moment ($710US)

Cheers guys
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The guy at the ski shop skied the Allstars and thought they were significantly better than both the 5 stars and 6 stars. I have skied the 5 stars for 3 years and think that it's an amazing ski in just about anything except over the knee powder. The extra 2mm width on the Allstars should be an improvement in the crud over the 5 and 6 stars, which were great skis in the crud to begin with.

Hey its impossible to get a one quiver ski. I have Rossignol B3s for out west and will probably get Allstars this year my east coast ski. When it snows 2+ feet on the east coast, I will use my B3s until 11 am and then switch back to the Allstars.

Then again I have a good deal going on 2004-2005 - 5 stars used only a couple times in mint conditions for $275. with bindings. I may just buy them.
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Even in the south island of New Zealand there is simply no need for ultra-fats.

The AC4 and Allstar are extremely similar. Hence the lack of replies.

I'd reccomend the Allstar by a considerable margin. But then again my quiver consists of a 724 Pro and various race skis.

When taking adive on epic remember that New Zealand 'powder' is most closely related to 'seirra cement' in terms of the advice from the USA.

That's not to denegrate the NZ snow, when it turns on its fantastic and skiing it untracked, fresh and deep is still amazing. It's just that the water content is high enough to float you without the exrtra width.

What about previous season Volkls? There are sure to be some deals around in Oz and this seasons Volkls really aren't that much of an improvement.
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Thanks for your advice guys. I know that I cant really expect a one quivver ski, but being a winter only skiier for the time being and finanical situation, Ill have to stick with one pair for this year (unless something drastic and unexpected happens, like winning tattslotto :P)

I have definitely been leaning more to the allstars, and will find I will most likely be going for them. They just seem to be able to do it all, with that bit extra on groomers which im after. Having a flex in between a 5 and 6 star makes them perrfext for me, and versatility in crud and powder seems perfect, as we dont exactly get bucketloads of fresh pow, and good point by NZskiier with the density of the snow over there. If need be, ill just hire fatter boards and see then.

Caaaaant wait to go over there this winter NZSkier, I go to bed dreaming about it lately Most likely going to spend a couple of days a Mt. Hutt, Treble Cone, Coronet Peak and the Remarkables. Geez, that whole South Island look beautiful, I WISH we had similar in OZ on such a scale.
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Last season - I skiied the Allstar, the AC4 and the AC3. No more than a day or two on each of the skis. Actually, a full day on the AC3, 2 days on AC4, and probably 3 or so 1/2 days on Allstars.

I plan to buy a pair of Allstars next year. I plan to buy them as a replacement for my P60 SCs, as they are almost as good of a slalom ski, but better everywhere else (and I like the P60s on the rest of the mountain, these are just better). The AC4 I felt like I could use as an all-mountain all the time ski, but I already have plenty of other skis in the quiver. The AC3 was a lot of fun, really racy, but I thought it was too skinny for skiing in the woods.

The AC4 and the Alsstar seemed like very different skis to me. The Allstar wants or maybe needs to be turning all the time, the AC4 doesn't care what you do with it, but it will make whatever turn you want.

I think for the skiing you describe, I'd get the AC4 over the Allstar, unless it really is very icy most of the time. Of course, the best thing would be to get both...
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the AC4's are a great ski. So are the ALLStars. Both are highly rated. They are going to be some of the best skiing and best selling skis for the up and comming year. You cant go wrong on either one. I would recomend the AC4. it is a bit wider, but does not feel like it, It is a bit more versitile and a bit softer. The edge grip between both models is similar, but the AC4 is im my oppinion a fun ski and the best ski Volkl has ever produced.
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Allstar: 70% groomed, 30% off trail

AC4: 30% groomed, 70% off trail

The skis aren't even close and are made for different ski conditions.

I would ski a 168 Allstar and I am on a 184 AC4.

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I ski similar conditions as you describe (new england - only we have trees you don't in NZ) I have a pair of 2006 168 allstars in the closet waiting for the snow to come again , they will replace 2001 volkl p40 platinum with marker mrr's 178.....

HB is correct....and for what you describe get the allstars.....and get em now while you still can. I have been told they will sell out in most markets next year. The reviews in the ski mags come out in august and will rave about the ski....get em while you can. That's what I did, I snapped up a pair even tho the season was over here. Didn't want to get shut out next fall and they'll be more in September after the reviews come out. Please post your impressions on epicski too after you ski em. Good luck
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Hey thanks guys. After reading all these informative posts from you guys and speaking to a couple of people at ski shops in Melbourne yersterday, I put in my order for 161cm allstars that night

I was at bumps and auski yesterday talking to different people who skiied them overseas. They pretty much all swore by them, and said they could do anything. Through Crud and powde, they were awesome, and nothing could beat those skis on Groomed runs. Most seemed to think theres no need for the AC4's, as they are more of a powder pig ski, good for over in Japan or serious powder, which we dont really have here (maybe heli skiing in NZ though). If anything, the AC3 would have been a more reasonable choice for me, 1mm wider in tail and 4mm under foot.

Still though, has anyone compared the allstars side by side to the AC4's? Christ, the allstars are an absolute weapon!!!!!!! Looking at them, the allstars looks to have a wider shovel, but they are the same. The sides due to the Double Edge grip however, look BEEFY!! Its quite freaky. Of couse the AC's are going to be softer and dont need that double edge grip like the allstars, but After all the positive things ive heard about the allstars and how they will perform the way I want them, then they are going to be mine!

Realistically though, you are right in saying I need more than a 1 ski quivver. I could pick 3-4 skis id love to have for different conditions, but finances dont allow it for the moment. I recently got myself some diablo magnesiums with ultra form, and even got some LEKI Worldcup poles yesterday. Awesome poles, as they have the quick release wrist strap which is a huuge bonus.

In all though, I hope this thread has helped people with the same problems. Im going to repost as soon as Iget this and have skiied them.

Cheers guys :P
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