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I had pretty much hung up the ski gear for the season 4 weeks ago. But never say never. We were heading up to Whistler for my daughter's dance competition, so I figure maybe I should dig out the skis and head up for a couple hours, what the heck!

Well surprise, surprise! An arctic front had blow in and had been dumping new snow all week. 17cm of new on Thurs and another 20cm on Sat nite! It's almost June isnt it?

I was expecting to be skiing a few limited runs on groomers, but instead was skiing down Whistler bowl & Shale slope on Saturday. Hiking for fresh tracks up Glacier bowl and Headwall on Sunday. It was snowing steady the whole day on Sunday and still coming down when we left at 3:30pm

Ok, it wasn't the light & fluffy stuff, but for late May, it was very pleasant surprise!