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K2 Seth Vicious

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I have the 04-05 179cm Pistol centered mounted and this weekend skied Squaw my new Seth Vicious 179cm mounted +3. Keep that in mind when you read my comparisons. I'm 6'2" and 190 lbs:

SV is stiffer and more stable at speed than SP; tips don't chatter nearly as much. Not as stiff as my Legend Pro or Explosiv. When letting them go wide open for hauling ass I wish I had gotten the 189cm. But for the trees, steeps, tight chutes, and slush bumps these were effortless.

SV arcs beautifully with much better edge hold than my SP. Granted it was total spring skiing at Squaw this weekend but I got to the mountain and up to the top at 8:45am and skied the tree line shadows of Shirly Lake Express chair where I knew it would be a bit icy and hard: very nice edge grip.

Steeps: I hit some cornices off of Granite Chief and hiked up to the Palisades: awesome on steeps. They come around so easily, don't get hooked up even though they have side cut.

So, I am very happy I bought these. I'll probably be selling my 179cm SP with Marker demo bindings center mounted...I guess on ebay. I would get a second pair of 189cm but I already have my 180cm Explosiv and 186cm Legend Pros, the latter are superstable at speed and any arc.
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Heh...the life span of those SP's was pretty short! SP's are fun skis, just not as burly as something with metal in it...but also a lot less work...so pick your poison.

I can't wait to get out on my new LP's in some real powder, although I'll likely need to wait until next winter to have that become a reality. Who knows...maybe they can replace my venerable Explosiv? Sacrilege?

Keep the info coming on your experience with the SV...ironic how are now a source for cutting-edge fat ski beta. Anyhow...if you actually get a 189 SV then I know you need to be committed to "SGGA"..."Ski Gear Geeks Anonymous".
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I got my Pistols used as demo's. So I'll sell 'em for a good price on Ebay to some lucky person. They were fun but too soft for me; the Vicious are stiffer. A lighter skier would love the Pistols more than I; I prefer a stiffer ski most of the time.

I love my Exploder (thank you Banditman) and my LP. They are similar yet different enough to give you a different skiing sensation. You've seen my posts on the LP. Both are awesome skis.

My opinion: high speed scariness, the LP is damper then the Explosiv and gives you a more secure feeling; the shorter Explosiv (mine are 180cm) is more playful and a bit easier in tight chutes.
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