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Load bar rust through

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I was inspecting a pair of rooftop racks at a swap this weekend.

They had bike trays on them, and it was fairly obvious that the trays were not new: there was rust on the skewers and on the underside of the trays. The red-colored bits were fading to pink, so these had been in the sun.

However, the towers and bars looked in fine shape.

Until I flipped them over and inspected the underside. Each one had a 2-inch long split in the bottom, the plastic sheathing torn apart by the rust bubbling out.

This was very obviously rust that started from the inside.

I would suspect that the end caps were not perfectly sealed and that condensation would accumulate at the bottom. I further suspect some rust-acceleration due to greenhouse effect as these things baked in the sun.

A lesson:
Inspect the underside! I have no clue as to how old these were, except the weak one of the red highlight paint on the bike trays had turned pinkish.
A question:
Has anyone filled their load bars with wax or polyurethane filler foam, just to avert this effect?

I could use Wiegle frame prep or some linseed oil mix too, I guess, but weight issues with these bars are minimal, and neither seems like it would be thorough enough.
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I would go with something like Rust Check, which is a rust preventative for undercoating cars. It leaves an oily film that doesn't dry out and come away from surfaces.
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