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Anyone Ski Snowbird Today?

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How were the conditions? Did it get too warm and turn to mush? Looking to go tomorrow if it's looking decent. If so, anyone interested in a few turns?
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I hit Snowbird on June 4. Conditions were nice near the top of the Tram; Upper Chips and Silver Fox were quite good all day. Same with Regulator Johnson and the Road to Provo. If you want a treat, go through the Forest Service warning gates and hit Last Choice.

The lower parts of the mountain, below Rothman Way, were quite sticky and slow, especially in the afternoon. Coverage gets a little thin, but you shouldn't have any problems getting to the Tram base.
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Was also there on the 4th. Was surprised how good the conditions were given the lack of sun and cooler day temps than the previous weekends. The upper mtn was great!
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