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I have an option to purchase a set of Atomic 9.18 200cm new skis. they are two years old - '99-00 year. Still good? I am a big guy, 6'- 225lbs. and advanced/aggressive type skier. Will this fit me?
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The person that should be answering this is probably BetaRacer.

However, here is my thought. Length is probably Ok, but the ski may not be stiff enough [sufficient guts ] for your skiing ability and weight.

If you have never skied this ski before, be careful, because an unused bargin ski is no bargin. If you ski it anyway, and are unhappy, it still is a waste of money.
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There have been significant changes in ski engineering in the last two years. Many of the newer generation shaped skis perform much better than those from the earlier rounds.
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Good ski, still worthy.
All mountain Carver, Barely sqeeks into a mid-fat catagoty. I would put this as a good ski for an advanced skier, experts would over power as mentioned above. Also surface area a little small for full on terrain skiing.<FONT size="1">

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wink, what would be a better choice? When I say I am aggressive I guess I mean I have no fear of the slopes but am 41 years old and I'm not a bump radicle. I like fast, quick carving turns in typically eastern (Michigan) black diamond ski slopes, so it's groomed hard pack but ice is a concern.
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Ha! and then there is this:

"These two models outperform current BetaCarvs by a large enough margin that any carving-oriented Atomic fan should check them out before considering discounted 01 models. Less dramatically different than the Carvs are the new BetaRide models"

Ski mag. review of the '02 9.18 and 11.16

Now what to do? Pony up the Big $ for '02s or save with last years?
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If your present skis are no good perhaps consider a seasonal rental so you can use this season to demo.

With Boyne Country Sports having bought out Bavarian Village, they write the largest ski orders of anyone in the State of Michigan, with the possible exception of Sports Authority, and frankly their offerings are extremely limited.

I would check out the costs of testing skis at Boyne Mountain or the Highlands. Nubs Knob also has a fairly extensive demo program. Usually the costs to demo is applied to the cost of new your skis. The guys at The Sq. Lake and Woodward Boyne Country Sports told me you can apply as many demo days as you like toward your purchase of skis.

So bottome line, I would demo first,and I think there are some decent opportunites to do so, with a little commitment from you.

Based on your testing experiences you will probably have a pretty good idea of what you want to own. When the price is right, either this spring or late August 2002, make your best deal....

And then you will be enjoying some Happy Skiing !
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Hey I go by that store all the time! Since they have been bought out by Boyne are they going to have there summer sale? I don't think so!! Anyway, have your been to Nichols ski shop? I understand they are also very good.

I understand what you are saying about demoing. Last year we skied at Crystal and at Nubs and at Searchmont. I demo'ed each time. Tried on the A-918's and the 1022. I also did the mod-x and the x-scream's. The 918 were very good, felt best and the mod-x were softer skis.

I am just wondering if the '01 model is very similar to the '00 model? I think I can get a very good $ on the '00!

I am skiing 210 cm Lange comp. solomom's that are about 15 years old.

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