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Decent deals anywhere?

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Does anybody know of any decent places (online?) that would ship to Australia to buy gear? I don't know if it's too late for NA stores to have anything left?

I've tried ebay for the past month or so, and there's only one guy who seems to be willing to ship to Aus for a reasonable amount (some people wanted $250!). But he only has atomic...

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Most USA sellers use a courier company. These charge by SIZE and WEIGHT.
Some sellers, especially Canadian sellers use frieght and cargo carriers (rather than couriers). These charge by WEIGHT only and are considerably cheaper to NZ and Aust.

Cupolo sports and Sports Liquidator are both Canadian and use airline cargo that costs around $100 USD to NZ and Aust.

People have had mixed results with online retailers. Use the search function and look for comments on Cupolo to get some examples.

Good luck

Note: The $250 you were quoted from the USA was cheap DHL is 280, UPS 310 and Fedex waw 270.
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Think you could narrow it down a bit? So far we have anything but Atomic. You are looking for what? Skis, boots, bindings, poles, jackets? BTW have a great winter. Ours was epic and still happening (California), but is giving way to boredom. 10 feet of snow (still fresh falling) and no one on the mountains.
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I got some new skis and bindings shipped from the US to Aust a couple of weeks ago. I got them delivered within a week, no hassles, well packed and no fees at this end. Shipping cost was around US$90 to Adelaide but .... they are Atomic M:EXs. I got them all up for less than half the Aust price and can definitely recommend Denver Wholesale Skis. Look on their e-bay store - they have brands other than Atomic but why would you want them if you're buying skis
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@ closh, some people prefer wood over plastic
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