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Mammoth Week Of June 7th?

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I know they will still have a lot of snow, but what can I realistically hope for conditions wise? I have a meeting in Orange , California June 7th , and could head up to Mammoth for a couple of days after.

Wondering if I the conditions this late would still provide good skiing or if it would be pure slush after 11 AM? Excited about trying out the Machete FB's X Dog 1 hooked me up with. Havent skied since the last weekend in March.

How much of the mountain would still be open the second week of June. Skied at Mammoth this past Nov 3-4. Be pretty wild to come back 6 months later for one last blast! Endless winter.
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This year you should be able to ski anything accessible by the upper gondola. But you may not be able to ski all the way down to ******* or ******. That still leaves about 1600 acres and 2000 vert. Hard to say what the snow will be like, though. But if it's really slushy, you can hit some of the insane stuff.
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I will let you know when I come back from the 5/28 trip.
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Thanks for the inputs and info.
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I was up their May 8-11 and we got a foot and a half(!) of snow! I would say the only limitations would be based on what lifts the resort wants to run because snowpack is definitely not an issue. Ten more inches and we will have a new all-time snowfall record season. Eagle Lodge and Canyon Lodge were already close for the season when I was there...
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I was there a year ago in March and there were record highs in the area, mid 80's down in Bishop and it got in the upper 60's at the main lodge, maybe even a little warmer. The snow on the top part of the mountain stayed amazingly good, never got too sloppy. The sun's higher in June, so will probably soften the snow up more, but if it's not too hot I would think it would be good.
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Not a problem, especially this year. The steep stuff will be skier-packed, and Mammoth salts the groomed runs to keep them from being too sticky. You get about 4 hours of good quality skiing per day in June. 1600 acres and 2100 vertical is a a correct assessment of available terrain this year.
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ok, i'm BIG-TIME jealous !

was up at mammoth mid-june last year and you couldnt find a snowflake, this year they'll be skiing ! you guys enjoy it, ski open to close(if not too slushy) and breathe it all it in ! it's not always like that. some of you guys appeased old man winter this year. good job !
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