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Squaw May 21-22

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I will be @ Squaw Valley For sure May 21st. Maybe May20th Maybe May22. Any body wants to meet up for a few runs, tip a beer or two, Bloody Mary's by the pool? PM me. Or Email me.

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I might be there on the 20-21st.

Depends on an examiner/trainer at Mammoth. I have been invited to do some skiing and video work in my quest to build our video library. If he can grant me some time, I might make a run for Mammoth. If not, I'll try to catch you up at Squaw.

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When ever our paths cross I look forward to sking with you. If the weather stays same all week, Friday should be a powder day. It was snowing at lake level today.

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Have not heard from Mammoth so I am planning on skiing Friday and Saturday at Squaw.

FRS Radio? 14-8

Otherwise MTT, call me.

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I'll be at Squaw and/or Alpine this weekend.
Want to choose a place to meet at a given time?

I'd prefer Squaw on Saturday.
Eg: 11am bottom of KT-22 or Granite Chief, whatever.

PM or email me.
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Saturday, Squaw

I was going to ski today but whole mountain is on wind hold. Apparently it's been like this all week.

I don't think KT is running any more. According to the website closed for the season.

It'll have to be shirley lake and granite chief.

In order to try and get the most runs in, How about 8:50 at the cable car to try and catch the first ride up?

Or 9:45 at the base of Granite Chief.

I'll have to evaluate the conditions tomorrow morning. If it's still this windy, I'll probably skip it. Not worth the drive from the summit just to find out Squaw is closed.

Sending you a PM.

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That blows!

(get it?)

I'll check the website in the a.m. too. It's only 40 min from my place.
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I made it home (To Verdi) @ 6AM Sqauw web site is very ambitious today, posting 10:30 AM conditions and operations @ 6:30 in the morning. Looks like they are going to be running today. They say 5-10 MPH wind? I think gusting to 30 would be a good guess. I will be up App 9AM Be there all day. Will hang around Granite Chief and Shirley lake, Looking for Jim S and dchan.
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Thanks for the turns guys. It was a great way to end a season.


Now to start thinking about rehab..

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Good luck with that surgery!

Squaw was amazzzzzzzzzzing this past weekend. I'm going again next weekend.
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