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Dynastar has their Jeremy Nobis Inspired's out this year, but I noticed in the Skiing Magazine reviews that there is a Super Nobis that is similar to the Inspired's, but I'm assuming its just stiffer and the dimensions are a little different. I think they are 90mm at the waist instead of 89mm and I can't think of the tip and tail offhand. They are not listed on Dynastar's website. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on them. I'm currently riding some XXX Bandit's in a 195, and 195 X-Screams, but I'm looking for a fatty in a 188 that ski similar to the XXX's. I've thought about the XXX's in the 185, but kind of want something different. I think the Super Nobis's are probably going to be an awesome ski if I can actually get my hands on some through pro form.