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Ski boot fitting problem

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I'm hoping someone can provide me with some insight into ski boots. I don't have my own equipment anymore and have been renting gear for the last three years. Two of the last five times that I've rented I have selected ski boots, which when I try them on feel great, but end up killing my ankle area.

I have rented other boots which feel fine when I try them on, and are fine on the slopes. But especially this last weekend, I could only ski one day of three because my front ankle area was in so much pain.

Can anyone provide any advice for me or perhaps suggest what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks! Great site!
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Are you renting low end boots?
Boots vary so much & is the most IMPORTANT element in equipment. IMHO.
If your feet hurt it won't work. Any decent bootfitter should be able to look at your feet & tell what "type" of boot will work for you. Sounds like you need to get your own boots.
The shin & ankle area seem to be most prone to the pain that everyone suffers until you use those areas enough.
Try a good shop or fitter. & think about footbeds too. They take away pressure points in places you wouldn't think.
Don't go for what "looks cool" - go for fit & comfort.
I just replaced my bowling ball green Flexons for some lovely neon green flexons.
I believe most all high end boots are ugly. This is because the Mfg's. want them to be seen on great skiers.

Sail and Ski!
Look for crud, it makes u better.
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Only advise I know - Don't rent boots. It's hit and miss and mostly miss. If you buy you have to spend a great deal of time trying on different boots in order to get boots that won't hurt your feet so even the thought that you can walk into a rental place and rent boots that won't hurt is being optimistic at best. Good boots are critical to your whole ski experience so if you like to ski(your here after all), boots should be the first thing you buy. No other way to say it.
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You indicate that you have been skiing for awhile but I'll go right to the #1 most common problem.

Do you ski with anything in your boot but your sock? If the answer is yes (this includes underwear), that's probably the cause.
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Do you advise against long underwear in the boot cuff? I have never had a problem but you got me thinking?


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As far as long underwear in the cuff, I always recommend my friends fold up or cut off the bottom of their long underwear just at the top of their boots and pull their socks over the bottom of their long underwear. Any wrinkle or bump in the boot when fitted correctly is a possible sore point
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Like religion....I stop and cuff the long johns right at the boot top. The less in there to bunch up the better. Pull the socks up tight (smooth) and make a cuff about an inch above the boot top. I just think of it as a calf warmer.<FONT size="1">

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Yuki is right...

Nothing should be in the boot cuff other than the sock. If you don't over tighten your boots then your calves should stay comfortable.

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