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What tuning equipment do you take on holidays?

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I have a large array of equipment for tuning skis. Obviously I cannot take it all on holidays with me.

What is the minimum equipment you would take with you. I am travelling fom Australia to Canada for 6 weeks in January next year and I will be staying in hostel type accommodation at the resorts.

Do these hostels usually have a tuning room? I do not want to be paying for a hot wax and edge tune every 3 or 5 days.

Any other tips for tuning while you are away on holidays....
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Since I can drive to most of the destinations, I take along my table, vises (and vices), iron and a travel kit I made up which includes various files and guides, diamond, gummi and regular stones, p-tex, metal and plastic scrapers, boot buckle and hinge rebuild kit, small torch, binding parts, and screwdrivers and hex keys. Another small kit has a variety of waxes. The wax kit has the expensive speed waxes and powders, some cheap storage/travel waxes, and a large bar of Low Flouro Universal for most conditions.

If I was in your situation, I'd pack along a stone, gummi and diamond, a guide and new or sharp file, vises, p-tex, multi voltage travel iron, scrapers, small torch, and universal wax. As well, a Leatherman with a 1/4" hex drive adapter and a #3 Pozidrive bit. Stuff what you can into your boots so you don't take up anymore room.

Tuning facilities at accomodations will vary. Some will have nothing, others will have a decent bench, iron and vises, others may have a room set aside. If there is a railing, you can clamp your vises to it and work outside (though it can be quite cold). Best is to contact where you're staying to see what they have.
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You should probably call ahead to see if the hostels allow tuning. Some motels and hotels are not "user friendly" when it comes to even allowing skis in the rooms.

That said; I usuall find the bathroom sink is a great place to wax. Put the exhaust fan on so the smoke alarm doesn't go off. Binidngs will usually fit in the sink and I have my kid steady the skis for edge work. Be sure to put down sufficient paper so you don't make a mess. I use the news papers from the lobby.

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Accommodation is;

Shoestring lodge at Whistler and Samesun Hostels in Banff and Fernie.
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It depends upon the part of Canada you will be going to. Quebec and east you will need to be able to put a very good edge on the ski. Whistler through Banff you will just need to maintain a reasonable edge. Personally, I take my whetstones, some edge guides, some wax and a travel iron. I have no clue about hostels in general but you should be able to find a table adequate for tuning in a hostel. Permission to use it as such could be something else entirely. If your vices are portable you should carry them.

I rely on shops to take care of p-tex and or resharpening edges if whetstones can not keep my edges in shape.

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