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Thanks most. Both the idea of ski boards and of super short skis seem to fit what I am looking for. As I said, sometimes the stiff GS cruisers aren't the right ski for the situation. Both of these shorter options sound like they are worth a try. Certainly the idea of having a releaseable binding is also more attractive when skiing tight glades and frozen riverbeds.

Tog & Gerathlete- I agree with you both. It doesn't matter what others think about the short skis. They can be a blast.
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Check out Saucerboy
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This is way late, but would the Atomic 1.20 FreeZone fit the bill? They're 120CM with a full release Centro binding. I used them for a season and loved 'em. (They were also marketed as the Hart FreeStyle) They are stable and carve up a storm.
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thanks billk
anything is worth checking out. as I said earlier, i'm not looking for something for on trail but for something to ski in tight glades. super short skis seem like they will fit the bill pretty well. something that can take the abuse of tight lines between closely spaced trees and occaisional stream beds and frozen waterfalls. just looking for another way to take advantage of all of the available areas on the mountains.
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I have to laugh when I see some of these replys they kind of remind me of when snowboarders first appeared. A lot of blabber from people who have never even tried them. Snowblades are a gas to ski on and thats all that matters. You can ski down the edge of the trails carving small perfect turns when the rest of the trail is scrapped down to nothing. They are perfect if it hasn't snowed for a while. I would NEVER take them into trees however and they stink in powder. They are also perfect if you live near a small area as they expand the size of the mountain. If you ski them as mentioned above you get to make a zillion turns on your way down. They are not a replacement for skis or boards just another way to have fun on the mountain. They do take some work to learn to use as they chatter a lot until you find just how to pressure the tips.
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I have a pair of salomon 99.9's for when im REEEEEEEEAAAALLLLLY bored and then i just go use them in the park. Snowblades/skiboards are not good at speed on anything on piste and personally do not have a place in the bumps at all. they can be fun if your looking for something to just play around on though. I have only been on mine about 10 times since i got them 3 seasons ago. I prefer shorter skis for just playin around on now... They are great for learning to balance and center your weight over your skis and to ski them well do require skill. It is always fun to strap these on and show up all of the "diehard" ski boarders who dont ski. Gotta love that. Personally, i would much rather have a 120cm twin tip carving ski with a regular binding on them... much more stable and capable. If you are going to get ski boards go with a 99cm or so length or you may be dissappointed in the trees with them. My vote would be for those atomics that someone mentioned.
and have fun ont hem
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