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Got started at 6:30AM this morning to glorious sunshine (something we haven't seen in these parts for weeks), and high expectations of good turning conditions. My expectations were quickly shot when I started breaking through crust on the ascent. Conditions imroved considerably as I when higher, but it was still less than spectactular. On the descent, the first 1/3 was good fresh powder conditions, followed by unbreakable crust on the middel 1/3rd and breakable crud on the lower 1/3. Let's just say that the lower 1/3 was a "challenge". All in all, not bad for mid May. There is still tons of snow up there and good late spring/summer turning conditions should prevail far into June.

Complete gallery of shots (sorry - only phone camera quality) @

On the acsent. Fresh snow evident by about the first 1/3rd of the way up.

Daly Chutes to the Right. Who say's DV doesn't have anything steep?

Nearing the summit. Wind blown crust on this ridge line. Ski partner Lily in the foreground.

The descent. Pretty decent fresh on this section.