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Is it worth it

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I'm a lower level advanced skier, skiing mainly in Michigan but occansionally out west. I've decided to join the high school ski team next year and I'm wondering whether it's worth it to purchase race skis without demoing. I know that the rule is demo, demo, demo, but some of the deals out there are really enticing. I'm 6'3" 220 and enjoy athletic and fast skiing. I've never raced before, but very eager to try. Also, I currently ski on Elan S10 176 which are getting a little soft for me, is it possible to purchase a race ski thats fun outside the gaits? Also, what regulations would these skis have to follow if any?
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Probably no rules in HS racing but I'd check with your coach or other team members just in case.

Rules generally start applying in USSA events at the J-2 level ... for GS you'd have to be on a 180. But even that "rule" is not being applied in some regions.

You need to find out how your course will be set ..... true GS, tight "GS" and will they throw in some slalom?
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You would be better off getting a supercross ski from Atomic. It can be used in HS racing and it would be fun for fast free skiing outside of the course. There are a ton of racers that belong to this forum, if I were you I would try to elicit every last ounce of information and knowledge from them. Their input will be extremely helpful in this matter!
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I know a lot of people who ski on the Atomic SL11 full time and love it. Some of them ski it pretty short, too.
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Thanks for the advice so far, I'm thinking of racing mostly GS and would love any ski recommendations. Also, would atomicman's GS:11 186 be a good ski for me or should I look for a ski with small turn radius?
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That's why you need to find out how the gates are set for your events. You are pretty big and you should experiment with the skis. Normally, I would have said a Stockli SC (I'm biased), but with your weight you would over power the shorter skis ..... but in many cases, a full "race stock" is too much ski for most guys ..... an SC in a 178 with a radius of 19?

Start looking for deals on straight sidewall skis. Since the rule change there are lots of kids trading up. The race course will be usually ice/hard pack and rutted and some of the "cap" racers (off the rack/sold to the public) will chatter and bounce. It's much different than skiing on snow.

Greg from Horseheads would be a good guy to weigh in on this one. Anyone know where he's been?
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I've talked to some team members and they informed me that the GS course is definately a tight one. I was also told there are basically no guidelines to what you can ski on in the races. Ideally, the ski would be able to do GS and Slalom, but maybe i'm asking too much. Any ski ideas would be good, probably looking around 175-185, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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For a tight GS, I'd be looking at an SL .... the Stockli SC is made just for that but it's a bit $$$$. Search E-Bay for a used one?
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So now that I know i'm going to need a ski for a tight GS course and maybe a little slalom, what sort of lenghts should I be looking at. I have a handful of skis in mind, but could definately use a few more suggestions.

Stockli Sc
Head 1100xrc sandwich
atomic sx:11

I know these skis usually don't come cheap, so any info on how to find some would be great.
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come on there's got to be some skiers out there that have a few suggestions for a big guy who wants to race on a tight GS???
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Check under Heluvaskier ... he posted quite frequently and has tried and raced tons of skis ..... check the member list and shoot him a PM to wake him up!

He's always been willing to share his wealth of knowledge in the past.

The Stockli SC, tops out at 178. I ski it at 168 and I'm a 170 pound old guy so that would be too little ski for you and fiends who have borrowed my skis (at your weight) have said it was too short .... but others have been ok ... go figure?

At your weight, for HS/GS go for the longer ski.
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After talking to Helluva and a few other racers around I've deciding I'd really like the Fischer wc rc in 180. I called Mt Pilchuck and they have a pair of 2001 race room wc rc for 249, they also have the reg. wc rc in 185 for 399. Other than that i'm having a hard time finding any good deals. Do either of these sound like a good deal? Do you think they would work for me?
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Try Ski Depot. I see their listings often on Ebay and they seem to have some nice deals on Fischer's.

Here's the link:

They also have an Ebay store with some 175's right now:
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Thanks Walks, exactly what i was looking for, I'm going to go ahead with the 180's. I've noticed the ski comes with a race plate, does this limit it to Fischer bindings, if so should I look at the FR17 or Fr11. If not what kind of bindings should i be looking for (hopefully under $150)? Thanks.
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I'm glad to help. I believe the race plate allows you to mount any binding although I'd check with the store to make sure. As for suggestions, I'll leave that to others with more experience, although I will say I've had skis with many different brands of bindings and haven't had any problems to speak of. Based on your weight, the FR11 is probably not beefy enough for you. FWIW I have the Tyrolia equivalent - the FreeFlex Plus 11 - on my XRC 1100 SW's, but I haven't skied them yet. I weigh only 165, so they should be fine for me.
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