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New Skis

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and need your advice. I plan to purchase new skis this year and am overwhelmed by the choices. I've read all the magazines and viewed your collective wisdom on the forum to try to narrow down my choices (unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time to demo skis, but will demo a few pair).

I am 5'8", 165 lbs. and a level 8-9. I live on the East Coast and ski approximately 10 days in Massachussets and Vermont. I also ski approximately 7-10 days out West. I am currently skiing on Volkl Carver Plus in 180s. They're fun on the groomed trails, but not vey satisfactory in crud, powder, steeps etc. I prefer to make short radius turns over long radius turns.

I am looking for a mid fat all mountain ski that is fun and does not require me to be on top of my game all day long. I ski aggressively when the terrain requires it, but do not consider myself a speed demon.

So far, the following skis appear to meet my requirements:

1. Rossingnol Bandit X and XX.
2. Dynastar Ski Cross 66 and Intuitive 74.
3. Atomic Beta Ride 10.20 and 11.20.

I feel that if I can demo these skis, I'll be in pretty good shape to make an informed decision. However, before, I take the time to do so, I am seeking your advice whether these are good choices and also hopefully get some feedback on any experience you may have with these skis. Thank you.

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Welcome to Epicski, Looks like you have been here a while and just waited to post or have been reading.. Good for you..

It looks like you have selected a fine set of skis to demo. One more you might want to add is the Salomon Pilot Cross max or Pilot Scream 10. Both of these are pretty forgiving with a large sweet spot. (this comes on hearsay from many friends. I still need to try them)
I'm currently on X Scream Series and have tried the bandit xx and the 10.20
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here are my thoughts, some based on skiing experience, and others based on the input of those whose views I trust.

Rossi Bandit X and XX -- You will much prefer the X. The XX is a GS platform ski with a 74mm waist, definitely not a preferable ski for Eastern skiing.

Dynastar SkierCross and Intuitiv74 -- You will much prefer the SkierCross, for the same reasons stated regarding the two Bandit models.

Atomic BetaRide 11.20 and 10.20 -- Either one would work. The 10.20 lacks the titanium sheet of the 11.20, so it is less prone to bending via mogul skiing errors, and will have better float in powder. On the other hand, it will be a wee bit less stable than the 11.20 in bad crud & junk... but still it will perform quite well in those conditions.

I don't know your preference for a ski's feel, but my bet is that you would be happiest on the Atomics. For someone who skis half the season or more on Eastern snow, I generally would suggest a Volkl or Atomic midfat ski, since IMHO they tend to be better performers on hardpack and true ice.

Caveat regarding my comments -- if your Eastern skiing is just "maintenance" skiing and you truly live for the Western skiing, you could happily flip my observations and go with the GS-platform boards. You will sacrifice a wee bit of edge-to-edge quickness, but for a good skier of level 8+, this shouldn't be a real concern.
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Try the Volkl Vertigo Motion. It's just like the Carver, but a mid-fat (Similar to Bandit X). You should feel right at home on it.

You can read my review of it (and other reviews) over at the Gear Reviews forum. It seems pretty universally loved, but it is one of the more expensive skis out this year.
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Good point, Terp. I forgot to mention the Vertigo Motion and Vertigo G3. Either one would work quite well in an East/West setting.

Motion = rounder turns, more fluid feel

G3 = slightly more kick at the turn finish but only because of the flat spot underfoot, which creates an exaggerated difference between mid-ski and tail feel.

I demo'd both skis on Dec 15 and found them to be a whole lot of fun.
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You make a very good point regarding the type of skiing I do on the East Coast. It is, as you say, mostly maintenance skiing due to the fact that it is mostly focused around the Berkshire, MA areas, which are not known for their challenging terrain. In fact, I can always use my Carver Plus or old 203 P10s for East Coast Skiing.

I do not want to end up with a ski that will be disappointing out West, where I always make a point of challenging myself.

While we're on this topic, can anyone recommend a good demo shop in the Aspen area, where I'll be visiting in January?

Thanks again.

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Sondek, if you have very good skills you could probably get a Volkl G4 and use it everywhere. That's a wide wasted, powder "power" ski, but I recently demoed it on Mt. Sunapee. It's surprisingly decent on east hard pack, but it takes some work.

I also saw people on Salomon Pocket Rockets (a real wide waisted powder ski, with twin tip). They seemed to handle them pretty well, even on icy, steep slopes without too much issue.

Keep an eye out for it if you demo.

That, plus the above recommendations, particularly the Bandit XX

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Out of curiosity, I stopped by a local ski shop here in NYC. The shop carried the Bandit X and the Ski Cross 66. The salesman favored the Bandit X over the Ski Cross, because he felt the Ski Cross would be too stiff for my weight (165 lbs.) and that they would crush me in the bumps. Is this true? He really loves the Bandit X.
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Bandit X will also crush you in the bumps. I find it hard to believe it's any softer than the cross, it's a major mid-fat ski, with a strong tail.
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Hey hey hey - let's not forget Volant here.

The Epic T3 or Power would work nice for you in both the east and west

Although the Epic is only 68mm at the waist it will serve you well in the Pacific Northwest. If you want a more all around try the Power.

As a bonus, you should be able to pick up last years skis for a song.

Here's the link to the site for Volant:

Volant Sports
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The Dynastar Cross would probably be the better ski for handling east coast hard-stuff and still giving you decent performance in the west. I'm 150 lbs. and the 178cm Cross wasn't too stiff.

The 177 Bandit X felt a little softer, but not much.

The Atomic 10.20 is oriented a bit more towards softer off-piste conditions, but still did surprisingly well on the hardpack when I tried them.
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Anyone have any experience with the Fischer Sceneo skis?
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Demo them all. Then buy the Atomics.
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For a good soft snow ski here are my recommendations (all fat skis, a midfat might leave you wanting more...):

- Dynastar Intuitiv Big - 178 should be about right for your height/weight/desired turn shape

- Head Monster Cross - 180

- Atomic 10.EX - I don't know the exact sizes but a 175-185 should do the trick

- Fischer Big Stix 84 - 181

- Maybe a Rossi XXX in the same length-range

These are just recommendations off the top o my head, always (try anyway) to demo before you buy.

Edit - wow I must not be on top o my game today, I just reread your post and half of the stuff I missed before.

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FYI The Volant Web site is last years, and there has been no update in product line for the 2001-2002 season.
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y'all, Lets not forget about Volkl. The Vertigo Motion got fine reviews in Skiing.


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I'm surprised no one has any experience with the Fischer Sceneo 3. Peter Keelty rated it as his runner-up ski of the year, it's highly praised and is nearly impossible to get.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wink:
FYI The Volant Web site is last years, and there has been no update in product line for the 2001-2002 season.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

True. but the specs of the skis hasn't changed and there are plenty of last years skis to be had - this way he can check them out and see if he's even interested.

Where is Phil when I need him?
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Sugar Snack: Fair point, but some of the ski lengths have changed, and the following skis: Vetex Power, Gravity Power, which are Freeride Skis, the Vertex Epic, Gravity Epic which are All Mountain Skis, the Vertex Super and Gravity Super which are intermediate skis, are all NEW to the 2001-02 Volant line up.This represents a rather large portion of Volants current offerings, they are NOT reflected on the web site. Also the Chubbs are all 2 cm shorter with a redesigned tip.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Volant under the new ownership. Something tells me I may not be so pleased with what does.

So how about an update Phil, on what you currently know about plans for product, production, and customer service ?
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I never really answered your original question Sondek, about whether you had made some good initial choices for demo.

The Dynastar Intuitive 74, and the Rossi Bandit XX are worthy choices, along with your Atomic selections, but you may want to also check out the 10.ex if you can find one to demo.

As to lengths, you could go as short as a 165, though I am thinking that a 175-180 may be a better length due to your skill level. I would still demo a shorter ski [ 165,170 ] just to get an idea of how they feel.

As to Volants, the T3 Power might be a better choice to demo than the Gravity Power since that is a more lively ski.I am not even sureright now that Volant is even sending reps to do ski demos.

If you decide to also demo the Bandit XXX then also take a look at the Salomon Pocket Rocket.

That's a lot to do in one day. Good Luck

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First, I would like to thank everyone for their responses. Today, I skied at Ski Butternut in Massachusetts. The conditions were HARDpack and ice. The conditions made me realize that it will be very hard to purchase a ski that can handle these conditions well and also ski well out West in crud, powder, steeps and soft snow. I think that serious skiers really need to own two pair of skis.

Now, I'm really confused about what I should do. I may go back early tomorrow morning when I can demo Dynastar Ski Cross 66, Atomic Beta Ride 11.20, various Salomons, and Volkl G3s. However, with the conditions being the way they are, I'm not sure it's worth the $40 to demo. What do you think?

Am I better off buying a pair of skis more suited for the West and hope to get a pair of slalom skis on sale after the season for the East Coast. I do not really enjoy skiing in these conditions.

You all have much more experience with a variety of skis and conditions and I can really use your collective advice. Thanks.
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You amywant to consider the Volant T3 Poweer or Gravity. Grat on ahrd pack and forgiving in powder and softer snow conditions. Remember when skiing eastern or for that matter, midwestern hard pack, you must keep the edges in tune.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sondek:
I think that serious skiers really need to own two pair of skis.

That's probably true, but I don't think it's a requirement that you have to buy two pairs of NEW skis.

If you ski 2/3 of your skiing in the East, buy a ski that works well in the east, and get a last year's "west" model for half that, etc. It's not like this year's skis are revolutionary advancements over last year's!
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