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dilemma - help please

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Greetings all.

As some of you may know from other threads, I had my heart (and wallet) set on a pair of Volant 69s this year, having been very impressed with the McTs last year on a demo.

However, it appears I can pick up a pair of Line Darksides for considerably less dollar. Has anyone tried this TT, or heard anything about it? I could do with the lowdown on them because as yet they are relatively low profile here in the UK.

Furthermore, a question for those of you with extensive "quivers". Currently in possession of a McG, which I love, is it evcen worth adding a TT which is essentially very similar to my collection? Would I ever ski the McG? If you had to limit your quiver to 2 pairs, what would they be (bearing in mind that I like to ski all over the mountain, as well as jumps etc)?

So many skis, so little time!...



Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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It seems to me that the McH paired with either the McT or McG would make a better all around quiver than the McT and McG paired together. I think the McH is a better ski than the chub everyone seems to love. The lines are soft, demo if you can.
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I personally run only the McG and the Power Karve. But from what I have heard, that is narrower this year. I really never see the need for a twin tip. That is just my style. It goes with the old dog/new trick addige. If I am alpining, I am on the Gravity mostly.
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Johnny Boy,

Volantsports.com has yet to update its own web site to reflect the 2001-02 product offerings. However, if you click on peterkeelty.com, there is some information there that may be of help to you.

Good Luck, as we are all now begining to look forward to another season of......

Happy Skiing !
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Hello -
Don't know a thing about Volants, but it seems to me that if you're debating the relative merits of other skis, you should go with what you've got your heart set on (the 69s?) first, and then see if you actually want to add any of the others to your quiver! Especially if you're short of time... that will leave more time for drinking at the end of the day.

~Michelle H
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