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Elan M02 - Comments?

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K, now looking at Elan M02 thanks to some helpful advice. not much info on web, checked reviews on here, (no one seems to have done one), so any comments, exeperiences, particularly on stiffness (im a lightweight fem skier) would be welcome.

cheers ...
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Originally Posted by Lozz
K, now looking at Elan M02 thanks to some helpful advice. not much info on web, checked reviews on here, (no one seems to have done one), so any comments, exeperiences, particularly on stiffness (im a lightweight fem skier) would be welcome.

cheers ...
search the archives -- i have a pseudo-review on them somewhere.

they're great all-mountain ski, even though they're twin-tip. not very heavy either, despite the metal plate.

the core is solid, the ski is stiff and likes to be ridden fast, though edge-to-edge is also fast with a radius of 16m. they adore being jumped with.

they don't like the bumps much or bombing straightline (if you go fast try keeping them on edge). also not very good for powder, even if you go fast (well, i'm too heavy for them anyways), but anything up to 10" is skiable.

for the price (they were offered sub-$300 on these forums they make a fantastic all-mountain/whatever you want skis..

on stiffness -- they're stiff, not super stiff, but i'm over 200lbs and they've never chattered under me no matter what the speed.

i bought my pair after skiing a friend's only once. they are perfect for goofing around groomers or jumpy sillyness when skiing with my wife.

edit: i've got the 176cm
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Lozz, there should be more than you're finding. Have you searched with 'O' as in oxygen instead of zero?

I see you were asking about all-mountain skis in your other thread. You may wish to put a link in this one before the experts ask you about yourself all over again.
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FYI - further details avail from
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basically just want to know which is best suited to a not so agressive female skier, the M02 or M666? Is the M02 any less stiff than the 666? kinda would prefer the twin tip but dont want to sacrifice hold too much either?

I.e can a lightweight chick (adv level) ski these skis? bearing in mind my skiing time is probably 50/50 australia and o/s
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i'm going to say go with the MO2 as they're cheaper, a bit more forgiving and more fun (and look a bit better with the younger crowd), but it is best to give them a try and decide for yourself.

pretty much any ski shop will let you demo them for a small fee which can then be deducted from the price when you buy them.
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Ah, time for more flex-testing!

So I go down to the basement to play with skis . . . again.

The Elan MO2 flex is a strange beast, because it resembles the letter W.

The section with the center edge is stiff, the ends are stiff, as f2f says it is stiff overall, and he isn't joking, in that or that it likes to be jumped. How do you say big air in most languages? O2?

Gathering 'round all the other skis that I had in comparable lengths (170-178cm), I set up a little dip station with some clamps, and found the following (stiffer ski indicated):

'00 Atomic 9'18 vs. MO2 Forebody: MO2 by far Tail: MO2 by far
'97 Volkl p30RS vs. MO2 Forebody: MO2 by far Tail: p30RS by far
'02 Scott P2 vs. MO2 Forebody: MO2 by far Tail: MO2
'99 Volkl p40F1(red) vs MO2 Forebody: about same Tail: about same*
I don't know whether that gives you an accurate idea; it might to some.

*Keep in mind that I am looking at overall flex in each section and ignoring the soft spots in the middles of the MO2 forebody and tail. The p40 bends rounder. And, yes, I did turn 'round and try each ski with both hands.

Two further observations, if you choose to get this ski:
- Make sure the rest of your kit is well sorted (boots!)
- Get bindings that allow for front-to-back position adjustment.
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thanks for ya help ...bought the M02's yesterday!
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Wot size?
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got the 165cm. they only come in 165 or 175 in aust so figured the 165 was a better bet since i will be using em in the park as well as in pow. should have them in a few weeks!
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hi lozz!
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Originally Posted by Lozz
got the 165cm.
Decided on a binding yet?
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probably Look p12 jib or rossi axials (basically same thing).
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I have the 2005 mo2and the next years prototypes all165. THEY OWN EVERYTHING. for more fun in the park, if u have demo bindings, its easier, put the bindings closer of the middle, you get used to it and it makes switch skiing super, rails easierlanding to far back better. the only prob that the 05 has is that the cosmetic craks, but does not affect the skiing at all. they removed the vernish on the one of next year...I still managed to crack them. this summer they'll maybe change it again the guy told me...WOW i MAY CHANGE THE HISTORY OF SKIING how pretty. I won a skiercross and a slalom with them, so out of the park, they own. in moguls, stiff, but u get better so...ok, powder...hum here, we dont get much snow, but when I went to Utah , I LOVED IT, but maybe thats because I never tried others skis...except airtwists when I was like 11.but I am supposed to get this year protos of next year M999, soooooooomeh. I AM GOING TO LEARN HOW TO BE GUIDE IN UTAH wow my life is going to be complete.
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Hello ogou, welcome to Epic.

Several questions for you:

1. How much do you weigh?

2. The varnish cracks- near the turnup of the shovel tips, right in the hollow of the concave section or elsewhere?

3. Have you noticed any cracks or other bad things on the bases near the 3rd edge?

4. Have you had them ground much?

5. Where in PQ do you ski? It is not very easy to find Elan up there.
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cracks?? that doesnt sound good! The shop I ordered them from are supposed to have them by the end of this week, so excited!

thanks for the advice ogou!
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If ogou is talking about the cracks I think he's talking about, then it's a longtime Elan thing, merely cosmetic cracks in the urethane clearcoat. No functional problems, and you can't feel them even with a fingernail.

In fact, you could tell an Elan-built sandwich ski for other mfgs by that very same crackling, since about '86.

(off to think about pork roast now).
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