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Skiers Lodge, Park City?

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I requested a timeshare exchange for the week of Gathering on 2006 and RCI have offered an exchange at Skiers Lodge, Norfolk Ave, Park City. The details say it is two blocks from the Park City Ski area, which was closer than a lot of the other resorts there. Looks to be an older resort but I don't mind that if it has the location and the facilitites. The facilities listed on the web site sound fine.

So just wondered if anyone knew of it and wether it would be an okay place to stay for a week, and if transport for deer vallley and the canyons is close by.

I guess it is a bit early to know where the 'Gathering' apres-ski will be based, but fingers crossed it will be within walking distance.
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Last December, I stayed at Sweetwater Lodge, another ORE property in Park City, and it was okay ... not great, just okay. The property is an older property in need of a remodel, but looks like these opted for more coats of paint instead. Skiers lodge should be pretty much on the same level. I believe it's closer to the older section of Park City ... within walking distance of the town, bars and restaurants. Check out the Chop House for great tasting steaks. The shuttle to Deer Valley is close by, and Canyons is about 3-4 miles back toward SLC.

If you need to pick up any gear, or such, there a place close by on the main drag heading the old section of Park City ... seems like the store name is "Jan's". Have a nice selection of gear.

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Thanks, we decided to go with Skiers Lodge, the location will make up for the dated interior - and we could get the exact week we wanted, is quite possible no others will come up. In some photos it looks better than others.
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