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Welcome Joan Heaton!

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You folks are in for a treat! While I did not have the pleasure of skiing with Joan, a conversation with her about skiiing can make you feel as if you really are skiing. She also dances a mean Mambo Italiano!

Great to have you here, Joan!
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Hey Lisamarie,

Thanks so much for the very warm welcome. It was so much fun meeting, partying, and skiing with all the Bears. Your compliment about my mambo dancing reminded me of a story.

When I was teaching my ski course for the college at Vernon Valley, now Mountain Creek, I went to an après ski party at the George Inn. I was so complimented when probably the best skier on the mountain and ski instructor asked me to dance. Well, how can I say this nicely, he was the worst dancer I had ever danced with. I did my best, but finally, I said to him, “Herman, it’s too bad you don’t dance like you ski.” He came right back at me with, “Well Joan, it’s too bad you don’t ski like you dance.” So I guess that says it all!!

Thanks again.
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Yo Heaton,

Welcome aboard!!!

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Hi Joan,
Welcome to the board, now can I invite you to join the "Lounge"
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