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Best ski for chicks in 80mm - pow and all mtn?

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Hey all,

I'm after a good ski suitable for backcountry and powder but that'll also do ok in crud, groomers etc. Was lookin at the new phat luvs but with 95mm waist, may be too fat. Any suggestions for a ski round the 80mm mark? :

Already have some ok carvers so doesnt need to do the entire mtn, still want to be able to ski ok in pow with the new ski. I'm an advanced skier, but not that agressive, and new to backcountry/pow.

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My wife has the K2 Public Enemy and my daughter has the 1080's. Both are 80mm waist and work well in pow.

The PE is the more versatile of the two, being a bit stiffer and has better edgehold on hard.
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Fischer BigStix 8.0 is 80mm and might be right up your alley. however, I would strongly suggest trying...

...the Elan M666, which is 78mm but surely feels wider in its flotation, yet turns quickly and has power to spare!
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You did not say how tall you are or what you weigh. Makes it hard to make a useful suggestion. For example, if you are a larger & more athletic type, Gonzo's suggestion of an M666 could make sense. If you are more petite, the M666s would probably just kill you (2 layers of metal and plenty stiff).

Also, when you say "backcountry", do you really mean that - or do you mean primarily lift served off-piste skiing?
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Volkl AC4.
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im 5ft 11 bout 68kgs (no idea what that is in pounds sorry), probably after a more softer flexing ski than a stiffer one, as im not all that agressive on skis. backcountry means backcountry, but would be lifted off piste for starters.

thanks for your help.
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Your description matches my wife, advanced but not aggresive looking to ski the same sort of stuff.

She got Phat Loves this year and loved them.
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Lozz - MS here (from the ski.com.au forums) you didnt state you were 68kgs over there....

In this case I would look at something a little less stiff than the 666. The only people I know who are jumping on the 666 are big heavy and aggressive guys. (I think they have 2 titanium sheets)

Also, since youre a lightweight it can almost not matter what you are on. Flotation is only a worry once you get heavier.
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Funny but,

Originally Posted by madskier
Flotation is only a worry once you get heavier.
This is not true. A flexible ski will bend up and float more in the same waist width than a too-stiff ski, unbent.

Where in the world did the Dynastar 8000 contingent go?

I'm very surprised you don't see 19 gazillion 4800/6200/8000/Exclusive Legend/ 3Philou model posts here.

Only one Volkl post.
That's it.
This place is dead.
Off to summer now.
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I have a pair of Phat Luvs with AT bindings on them for backcountry. I also use these inbounds on trails, in the woods, in ungroomed bowls. They are excellent in powder, corn, spring crud, cut-up frozen snow, and so forth. They don't do well on ice or bulletproof snow, naturally, but they handle groomed pretty well, whether it's soft groomed you find out West or the firmer groomed you find in New England. I have never skied in Australia, so I can't compare our groomed to yours--but you know whether your snow is usually soft or usually firm. However, when I know I'll be confined to groomers, I switch to my carving ski. I didn't buy this ski to use on the groomers, I bought it to use in the backcountry, and inbounds when the snow is really good for off-trail skiing (do a lot of tree skiing).

If you want to avoid such a fat ski, and really want a woman's K2, I understand they are making a new Lotta Luv, which is the woman's version of the Apache Recon, for 2005/06 season. It's 78 mm underfoot, if I recall. Fatter than the Burnin' Luv, less fat than the Phat Luv.

This winter, I demoed a pair of the women's Salomon Scream 8 Pilots (dark pink color) out in Colorado. I was pretty impressed with them. They worked well on both the groomed old snow and the 2 feet of powder we got one day. They are 75 mm underfoot, I think. I will say that I would have preferred my Phat Luvs in the powder. A lot less work. I skied 4 days of thigh-deep powder on a snowcat skiing trip, and had my Phat Luvs. Honestly, we skied hard and long, and I was not tired. Not at the end of the day, and not at the end of my trip. I was very surprised!

If you already have carving skis, I suggest you go with the fat ski for backcountry. You can use your other skis inbounds if the conditions warrant. But there's something to be said for having the right ski for the backcountry, where you're going to run into all kinds of snow (except groomed) and won't have access to a stable of skis when you're in the middle of nowhere. Personally, I think you're better off to have two specialty skis--one for groomers and one for off-piste--than you are to try and find something that is good for everything but not great for anything in particular. Does that make sense? If you can only own one ski, then get the all-mountain that performs pretty well on everything. But if you already have a ski that's great for groomers, then add a ski that's great for ungroomed/backcountry.

By the way, I am 5'4", 140 lbs., fairly aggressive skier (especially when I need to be), ski a 165-170 cm ski.

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