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Wrappin' glaciers

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No, this isn't another Cristo project but a bizarre attempt to save a ski area's glacier.

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There goes man, yet again screwing with nature's plan...j/k. If this were being done to slow the melting process of the polar ice caps I would simply laugh, but as it's a decision bred from an economic standpoint (rebuilding the ramp each season is expensive) it can't hurt to try.
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If you experienced the European summer 2003 and saw the damage it caused on the glacier where you start the season in September/October and end in July you´d be happy to see any reasonable chance to save it, no matter how bizzare the measures may seem.
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yeah, I was just coming here to post about that after seeing a report on this strange measure on a french newspaper's website. What next? Are we going to gather all the villagers and try to push the glacier back up the mountain? this planet is in some serious need of better anti global warming tools (and leaders).
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Originally Posted by kelly001
this planet is in some serious need of better anti global warming tools (and leaders).
Now now, hasn't this topic been beaten to death already?! Although I'm certainly not an expert, I have read considerable amounts of information that say that the current warming trend has the ability if not the certainty of actually plunging most of North America and other places of similar longitudes into a new ice age by shutting down the circulation of warm water in the oceans. Ergo, the glaciers would be "saved"! Plus think of how much the resorts will save on electricity when they no longer need to make snow...

Besides, global warming is a myth brought on by reactionary groups on both sides of the debate. Even if it were proven to be true (that HUMANS and not natural events, geological cycles, etc. caused the UNNATURAL, rapid warming of the planet), the Earth will be fine. To paraphrase that mouthpiece of the U.S. Government, George Carlin, "The planet isn't going anywhere. We are! The planet is fine...the people are f***ed!"

In all seriousness, I'm glad the Swiss have come up with an idea to save the glacier, thereby allowing the skiing to continue.
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hihi, its not been the swiss but the germans at the Zugspitze 6 years ago if I remember well. They do cover the whole glacier. This year I think Stubai is following suit. They want to cover as well Most of the skiable glacer during may and june until the summer opening.
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If the Earth does not like us // it will deal with us. Earth Day should be (Human day)
(I don't want to wait 200 Years for the Forests to grow back) I want to see them now!!

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Originally Posted by MTT
(I don't want to wait 200 Years for the Forests to grow back) I want to see them now!!

There are more trees in the Northeastern United States today than there were in 1900.
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How about 1700?
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
How about 1700?
Point taken. However, that's a cop-out to avoid the meat of my point, which is given the differences in population between 1900 and 2005, the fact that we have more trees is a good thing. Unfortunately, the Northeast U.S., or even our entire continent for that matter, isn't the problem. The problem is the deforestation occurring in the rain forests of Central and South America and elsewhere.

Either way, I'm simply not sold on the global warming thing...and I'm not a Republican, FYI. I'm willing to concede that humans have not had an altogether positive effect on the environment, however, I'm of the school of thought that says it's pretty arrogant to think we've been able to bring the planet to the brink of destruction after a few hundred years of industrial activity. Then again, if I'm wrong, this planet is most certainly a self correcting system, so I'm sure it'll all work out.
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