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Atomic Metron series (let's try that one again)

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Don't know why my original post didn't come out, but here's what I was asking:

Every other day I find another ski I become obsessed with. Yesterday and today it's the metron series by Atomic. I'm looking to make one of them a northern Vermont ski (Jay, Sugarbush, MRG, Smuggs). They will be for days where a decent amount of soft snow can be found somewhere. They'll need to be able to handle powder, crud, and boilerplate as those conditions all exist on a typical day, and short and medium radius turns in the trees, and medium and long radius turns on the hardpack.

I've skied the R11.20 (02-03) a few times and found them to be great with one exception: I found them to have little rebound energy in short turns. Only when long turns were made did they come alive. I didn't have much problem skiing them in bumps.


For the aforementioned conditions; particularly soft snow / crud in tight trees; which one is the best; B5, M11, or M:Ex?

Compared to R11.20 (02-03, not w/ puls); how are these in terms of maneuverability? in bumps?

I'm 5'7", 145 lbs. I ski most skis in a 170. Which length would I be looking at? 162?

Are hop turns on steeps possible in shorter lengths?

Is it possible to stretch out longer turns on hardpack?

Are the benefits of the B5 worth a) being less forgiving, and b) the added cost?

Thanks, I appreciate it
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IMO you demoed the 11.20 to long you need a shorter ski. I have skied the Metron B5 in 162cm I'm 195lbs 5'11" and rep friend is 5'9" 220lbs and skis it in 162cm. Go short.

Yes hop turns are possible with short skis. Short skis will also make long turns. Some may not be as happy as others, that's the big difference in
skis. Short GS skis will do long turns, but they will not be easy in the bumps. Everything is a trade off. It's hard to find one ski to do it all. But keep looking, that's half the fun.

I like my AX3's in 170cm. They don't have alot of pop but they are fun everywhere. I can get them to pop, you just need to know how to make the ski do what you want it to. I ski the whole mountain and ski fast when I can. I find the AX3 to be very easy to ski.
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Shmerham , the B5 is blast to ski . They have awsome edge hold on ice , blow through crud and have great float in the powder ( I have used them in all conditions ) . These things will do short or long turns and have a great feeling of confidence at high speeds , very predictable and stable. If I had to pick one ski I would be hard pressed to find a better one , they really do everything exceptionally well in all conditions.
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I am seriously considering breaking my "I'll only ever own Dynastar" rule on the B5's.
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I consider these babies for next season, too.
Heard a lot of good words about the B5. Pretty everyone is recommending going short in 162, but since I ski mostly backcountry I consider going longer with the 172 cm length. I am 5'10'', 170 lb, agressive skier. Any advice?
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