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possible to ski on sand?

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in theory if there is a sand mountain is it possible? forget about all the sand in your face or snake bitting you in the &^$# when you fall stuff.
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I've seen film of people doing it in Namibia.

I would suggest using rental skis though!
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About sandboarding:


If you´re good enough you can make a trip to Europe to participate in the Championships: www.montekaolino.de
The website seems to deal with boarders only but I know that traditionally there have always been ski races as well.
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A freind of mine did it when he worked in Saudi Arabia.
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Talk to Bob Peters, he's done something like this....

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Surely you'd need some fat ass skis?
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I've seen it done at Great Sand Dunes in Colorado - both tele and alpine gear. Also, seen it on several ski vids. I've only tried myself with a snowboard.
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Can sand 'pile' to much of an incline? I can't imagine it would pack and stay stable the way snow does.
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Can you play chess without the queen?

You can skid down sand on skis. Is it skiing? Kinda, I guess. Large sawdust piles are better!! They hold a steeper angle, it stays in place, you can feel your edges, and you don't trash your skis.
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Originally Posted by ctown
in theory if there is a sand mountain is it possible? forget about all the sand in your face or snake bitting you in the &^$# when you fall stuff.

As Lonnie says, I've done it and had a riot. It was four years ago. We skied a 750-vertical-foot sand slope at Sand Mountain State Recreation area about two hours south and west of Salt Lake City.

Yes, it was plenty steep to make turns, quite steep, actually. The tele guys/girl did better for some reason than the two of us on alpine gear (and one of us on alpine gear was Andrew McLean, so I'm fairly sure it wasn't *totally* the fact that the pinners were just better skiers ).

No, we didn't skid our turns. It's probably the easiest surface to carve in you've ever seen. I actually don't think skidding would really even be possible.

Yes, we saw a snake. : (Non-poisonous variety, thankfully.)

No, it didn't hurt the skis or bindings one tiny bit.

Yes, we had enough fun on the first run to go back up, hike about a mile across a rocky ridge, and ski down a classic sand couloir between some gorgeous rock walls.

Yes, it was 100F degrees when we finished. There wasn't any shade around so I couldn't tell you what the temp was in the shade.

Yes, ice-cold beer tastes really, really good at 10:30 in the morning in conditions like that.

Yes, I would do it again - and almost did at Pink Sand Dunes state park in Utah a week ago (the only reason I didn't was because it was raining cats and dogs when we went by).

Go for it. :

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Didn't any of you guys ever watch ski movies back in the great '80s???? Cue up Maltese Flamingo...
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SO I guess it's possible than But ZzZznakes! I hate SsSsnakes (indiana jones)
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You can definately ski on sand!!! Use pledge dusting polish for wood, ya know what I mean. It works well. Have fun!
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