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What a sad day: I've been putting away the ski gear for the season. My season is now officially over.

Now, I will start looking for alternative ways to feed my addiction. I'll be re-reading all of my ski magazines, organizing my ski pictures from the season, trying to summarize the key learnings from the season, etc. I'll also be searching the internet for video of other people skiing, little gems such as this -- http://www.skibanff.com/news/061.html -- to keep the fires burning.

I'm guessing that many of the long-term denizens of this forum have their favorite clips that they go back to again and again, when they can't make it to the hill but need a fix. It would be great to see some links to people's favorite ski videos.

In that same vein, does anyone have any links to extreme mountain biking footage?
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This site goes up and down with the tides it seems, but when it works it's got some great clips of guys dropping huge cliffs on downhill bikes as well as its share of technical singletrack footage.
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