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Canmore ski slopes

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Our family is thinking about a ski trip to Canada, and a potential place for our condo/lodging is Canmore, AB. If ones could share what slopes are located within 10 to 50 miles of Canmore, this would be great, and any experience you have had with these too.

Even better is if there's a link to a site which maps out ski places relative to towns this would be very nice as well. Thanks....
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search for banff acc'm and that will cover some info

Canmore = must have own transport
Banff = take airpost shuttle and free bus to hills

50 miles hills = sunshine, Norquay, Nakiska. LL is 60miles away.
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Originally Posted by mntlion
LL is 60miles away.
Comes out just under 80kms = 50 miles, canmore to Lake louise.
You just live on the wrong end of town.
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Thanks ... looks like Sunshine might be our best pick close by, and we can always shoot up to LL one or 2 days. Appreciate the info......
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