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Short Review Atomic SX 11

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Although alredy a couple of weeks ago, I finally overcame myself to put this down. When skiing with the family during easter break off-piste conditions were really crappy. So I went to see my bud at the local ski shop and asked him to hook me up with some sticks for doing the groomer bombing thing for the day. 'Try these' was his reply.

Skis: Atomic SX 11 05/06 model
Length: 180 cm
Binder: Atomic (didn't look closely which one)
My height: 5'10''
Weight: 175 lbs
Years skiing: 41
Level: Well.....solid in all conditions I'd say
Boot: Atomic SX 50 (the red 02 model)

On mornings's icy conditions the sticks displayed impressive edgehold. When engaging edges sharply to avoid crowds, obstacles or on the steeps they steered right to where pointed, no matter at which speed. Due to the width and sidecut they liked medium to long carved turns best but short turns were perfect too with hardly notable more effort.

In the bumps they appeared to be hooky at first which the length maybe also contributed (I'm a dinosaur still prefering long boards ). But once I got adjusted after a couple of runs I really started to like them, shapewise they wouldn't fit too bad for the moguls anyway. A tad shorted would have been perfect though.

Midday's slush did not irritate them either, maching thru the mud was fun a they displayed the same strength as on hard conditions.

However they really excelled when doing what they are designed for: opening up, putting them on edge and hang on to high speed SG turns. Beyond 40 mph is where the fun really started and I was unable to find the speed limit. In contrast to many other skis I've tried I did not feel that much of a need to load more weight onto the front ski for stabilization. the heavy beefy construction with high torsional rigidity seemed to pay off.

Finally took them a bit off-piste in hard conditions (it rained the day before) but had no chance to try them in powder.

For me it was a fun ride on groomers on a non-pow day.
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Nice review. As SX11 180 (2003) are my one and only ski, I ski mine in bumps also, It works. Ill bet you skied them very agressivly and spent alot of time in the air. Thats the way I do it anyway. Legs alway on fire!! after couple hundred yards of turns. My favorite conditions to let them out is on the groomed Blue/black runs in the afternoon, when the crud starts forming and bumps are just starting to develop. They blast right through everything.

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I'm also an SX11 lover - these are incredible on the firm snow at speed.

Each year, a friend and I organise a big group ski trip (45+ people) to Falls Creek Australia. My friend's dad is over 60 and loves trying to chase me down fast runs. He has had some ridiculous crashes. Now that I also have some M:EXs as well as SX11s, I've promised to let him use my SX11s for a day or two. He's only used rental equipment before and is an intermediate skier. I think he'll either love them or be scared sh#tless. Either way, he's really keen to give them a go. If he survives, I'll have to get him to post his review
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Height 5"9"
Weight 163 without the towell
Skied 40 of my 43 years-competed as a yout and taught in my early 20's
Length 170-perfect for me
Days skied-about 15

I have the previous version of the sx 11. I would agree with most of waht PowHog said. I can see why these are a skiercross ski- they really like to jump. Very stable, fast, responsive ski-they have no fears. You do need to use the whole ski in the turn. When I become tired and start sitting back on them they let me know to stop that sh!#. I found them to be poor in the bumps unelss the bumps were soft, even then ... For me they were too stiff and hooky (not an easy ski to throw side to side) for the bumps. I would highly endorse them as a hard snow, multiple radius turn, steep, fast, play ski for a skier ready to use the whole ski. They would be the perfect primary ski in a stable that included bump skis and powder boards.
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Good review!
IMHO, the SX11 is a very near perfect choice for a one-quiver ski for eastern hardpacked groomed conditions. It will let you rip some high speed turns, and will still make the tight turns (though maybe not quite as nicely as a true slalom ski). I found it needs a certain amount of speed to feel good on it, and it prefers carving to skidding, but if you know what your about and don't want to lollygag along it's great. It very nearly was my choice, but as I already have a high-speed ski, I went for a more slalom ski (ended up with Fischer Worldcup SC).
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