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Airline ticket question

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Does anyone know when, generally, airlines post fares to the smaller airports that generally service ski resort areas for the NEXT season? (e.g., Hayden, CO, Kalispell, MT, Kalowna(Big White), Montrose, CO, Gunnison, CO.) Presently, there a few flights scheduled, but as the season draws nearer, many more flights become available. Most of the resorts subsidize the airlines and I'm sure this has alot to do with the ultimate ticket price, but I was just wondering when the flight schedule for next season will be out. Thanks
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not until september.

along similar lines - i have a question. Flights to Vancouver from SFO - for christmas - are around $313 right now. do you think fares will come down by summer time. in previous years - sfo to Yvr - has been between 220 and 270.
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Check out - it's the google of travel sites.
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