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Looking to buy, please help me !!!

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I am looking at buying some Atomic C9s, but have no skiing friends to ask questions of. So I shall turn to those of you kind enough to share your expertice.
I am 45 yrs old, 6'3", 230 lbs. After a 20 year rest, I made it back to the hill this past season. Needless to say It took about one run to fall in love with the sport all over again.
I currently have no great interest in speed, mogals, or off piste. Am more interested in learning to carve better at my rather tame northern Michigan ski resort. ( I am probably not much more than a low intermediate. ) So my questions are; how short a ski can I get away with. I am currently on 180s. Secondly are the Atomic C9s too much of a ski for my level.
I appreciate any help you can give. Mike W

The skis I'm looking at come with Device 412 bindings.
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Hey Fly!

No, the C9s are not too much ski for you. At your height and weight, I'd suggest that you stick with the 180s, although you could try the 170s. There are some great deals out there on 180 cm C9s in particular.

Good luck.

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I did the same thing this year, returned to skiing after 25 years. I started out renting, bought boots first, then skis on closeout in Feb. Bought a pair of Salomon StreetRacer 8's. Wasn't too happy with them on midwest hard pack. Had such a big front end that they seemed to catch the front so much you would actually spin out. Took them out to Colorado and worked ok. Started looking for replacements, on clearance items, did research and ended up with Atomic C9's Price shipped was 319.99. Got to try them in spring conditions at Copper Mtn. mid april. Worked well, no twitchieness like my others. There was soft snow and hard pack depending on time of day and sun or shade. Here is where I got mine. He uses these himself in upper WIS. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...4331 815&rd=1
I went with 170's , same weight but only 5'7" and 51 years old. Ski mainly greens and blues, groomed runs, not into moguls. I am good parallel skier, but have to work on the carving part some. I think a couple lessons next seaso,may be needed to get proper technique. I did read where the C9's are better for heavier people and that you won't advance out them too quick.
Happy hunting
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flybowman, welcome to EPIC. Sounds like your on the right track, I think your better off with 180cm for your size. Those bindings will be fine.

If you get the skis at good price, you'll want to get your boots fitted by a proper boot fitter. If you look at the top of this site, somewhere there is a link to boot fitters. Boots are the most important part. But may be what's even more important is getting a good boot fitter. Can't stress enough how important that is. The fitter should be able to look at your feet and the way your bones line up, watch you walk, (bring a pair of shoes you have worn a lot) ask you questions about where and what type run's you like to ski and then recommend a few boots for you to try on. If that doesn't happen find another place to buy boots.
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Forgot you wanted 180's here is link for them. Same guy that I dealt with.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...3668 501&rd=1
Mine came in factory sealed box. I mounted bindings then had them adjusted at Gart's in Denver. Charged me $15. to set. If they mount then they charge more. Just some info.
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There are 170s and 180s on EBay at $269, buy it now price.
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Thanks to all

Wanted to thank all of you for your help. I went ahead and bought the C9 180s, can't wait to try them out. I managed to pick them up, brand new, with device 412 bindings for $139.00 on Ebay. couldn't pass up that kind of a price.
Thanks again
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hi im gonna hijack, sorry =P

i wanna ask, would the 1080 or the b1/b2 be a good ski for me?
im 173cm 183lbs intermediate and i want a ski that can help me get better.

plan to do on piste, and some jumps. NO rails and NO pipes. but i am very interested in jumps. but i also want to be able to carve etc.
any advice on which one of the two i should get?
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