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Bump skis

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I am looking for a bump ski that will still handle a normal day of varied conditions ice, slush etc. Most of the skis recommended now seem to have fairly wide tails like my Salomon superaxe 3Vs which are OK but not as much fun as my old Rossis which have a 80mm tail they are unfortunaltly a bit to soft for me now. Do need to find another straigtish stiffer ski or is there another way to go
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If you want to be serious about your bumpin` there`s only one way to ski: skinny

Mogul specific skis are very narrow, has almost no sidecut and most of them are built very strong. They`re the only skis that`ll really excell in bumps.
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At the end of last season I demo'd the Rossi Viper Z (the 99-00 version). It was about as close to a straight ski as I could find. The ski was a lot of fun in the bumps. It turned very quickly and had good energy and rebound. It was pretty good on the groomers but not what I would want for an everyday ski. I skied it in a shorter length then I normally ski. This made it less stable at speed than I like. If you are looking for a second pair of skis that are for bumps, then I would recommend trying the Viper Z's. If you are going to rely on them for all conditions they may not be the ones for you. Have fun demoing
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Another option is the new Salomon 1080 Mogul. It is not the regular 1080 but a 'version' made specifically for bumps. It has a wood core and everything. It is 95/66/82, and even though pretty straight, it does have some sidecut, thus a little more versatility than your standard bump ski.
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If you want a good all mountain ski that can still haul in the bumps,try the dynastar speed sx. I raced on these skis for a year but they rock in the bumps. They're not really skinny so they can still haul all over they mountain.
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Try the 1080 mogul like the other guy said. the regular 1080's are pretty good in bumps too, ive used them in some mogul comps and lots of pros like vinnie dorion use them in mogul comps too. the Rossi Mogul coming out next year should be good. it is a twin tip and has a wider waist so its more stable, but its still a true mogul ski
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I'm on the Rossi Viper 9.3 and have found it to be a great all around ski. My main prioity is bumps but this ski will carve and has great hold on very firm hardpack(ice). The only conditions I can't vouch for is powder since we don't get too much of it in the East.
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