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How about if you go to a ski shop and talk to random people about skiing and skiing equipment. Another tell tail sign that you are ski junkie is when you know more about skiing, skis, and boots than most of the people working there. I especially like it when you walk into your local ski shop and most of the people there know your name and what type of equipment you own. I also keep all of my lift tickets throughout the season. For the past couple of years I have skied with my girlfriend (now fiance) on Valentines Day. It is to the point that she does not even ask me what we are doing on that day, haha!
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Oh, I forgot to add that I read every type of ski magazine excessively! All this talk about skiing has made me depressed. I have not made any turns since April.
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... if you watch each slope (any time, anywhere) with your skier´s eyes and automatically consider if it´s steep enough to make a few turns there.

... if you visualize your good skiing in the evening before falling asleep and in the morning before getting up.
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You know you're a ski junkie when....... you spend your summer browsing for ski photos. Check out the Chatter News . It's a collection of almost 20 blogs with lots of photography from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The Cat Skiing Terrain blog has some good aerial photos. Don't miss the Mark Gallup photos
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You know you're a ski junkie when:
1)The liftees all know you by your first name as well as your pass number.
2)You are looking for screaming deals on skis in May even though you have two pair
you haven't skied yet.
3)You can sit and look at your quiver of skis as if you were watching TV.
4)You feel the need to have a different pair of skis for every potential snow condition.
5)Your vehicle's front brakes desparately need to be replaced, but you are more likely
to add another pair of skis to your quiver.
6)You missed only 3 days on your pass during the worst snow season in twenty years,
and you feel really bad about missing them.
7)You are angry at ski shops that close for the off season.
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you continue to visit these message boards daily even though your ski season ended 2 months ago.

Ah yes...there's always NEXT season!
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1. You have every "Buying Guide" issue from the past 6 years so you'll have all the info when you see a pair of Kastle Speed Machines or Atomic PowderRides for an irrresistable price.
2. You spend the summer backpacking and only seeing great lines to ski this winter.
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1. When you live 50 miles from the beach and 1100 miles from the closest ski resort and you spend more days on a mountain each year than at the beach.

2. When you join the local ski club and are disappointed because the other members don’t talk about skiing enough.

3. You stop whatever you're doing anytime you hear the words, snow or skiing; much like guys do when hearing parts of a woman's body.
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Originally Posted by iskitoofast4u
You know you're a ski junkie when you have to explain to sit potential LTR (long term relationship) candidates down and explain, in slow, baby-like terms "I have this thing, called skiing, and it keeps me away from home every single weekend from November through May...This isn't negotiable, but I thought you should be aware of it."
Not only did I do that in the most serious tone possible (no baby talk, and it was more along the lines of "I will always ski, if you can't deal with that, then we don't belong together"), and her wedding gift was... you guessed it.... skis!

I also have a box on my dresser with the past 17 season passes. Unfortunately, I didn't think to keep the first 5.

I'm currently in my office (desk job) wearing my PSIA shirt and my office badge is on a PSIA lanyard.

We're all pretty addicted here. Let's face it, our biggest purchses, other than a house (and sometimes the house) is based primarily on it's ability to function as a ski limo.
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when you check back to this thread to see if anyone commented on your previous reply.
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Originally Posted by Atomic_918
when you check back to this thread to see if anyone commented on your previous reply.
LOL! (Does that count?)

I agree with others here who said: You know you're a ski junkie when you look at mountains to find a line and say, "Look, we can ski that."

You know you're a ski junkie when your job revolves around skiing for the entire year. Heck, someone's gotta do it. :

You know you're a ski junkie when you have to wait till you're 35 to finally meet the guy who can keep up with you on skis.

You know you're a ski junkie when you marry a guy who's a ski patroller so you can feel safe wherever you are on the mountain, inbounds and in the backcountry. That free season pass I get helps too.

Oh, and Lockie, you clever man, slipping in that reference to Chatter Creek. Anyone here remember me mentioning my trip to Chatter Creek? My husband and I spent 4 days skiing in thigh-deep snow, while nearby Kicking Horse had terrible conditions because of the Pineapple Express that brought rain to the region. Chatter Creek. Talk about Heaven! Lockie was there with us; in fact, he was the one who invited us in the first place! Welcome to Epicski, Lockie!

Those of you trying to plan next season's vacation, look into Chatter Creek.

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I knew I was Ski Junkie

I knew I was a Junkie as a Kid,

:When my friends were all out playing and having a great time I was trying to get someone to take me to Ski Dazzle.

:When asked what I wanted for my B-Day, a subsrciption to Skiing Magazine.

:When I would be at a sporting goods store in the Summer I would b-line it too the ski vacation brochure rack and start loading up on next years brochures just so I could look at the pictures.

:I would save my allowance so I could go to the Orange Swap meet and buy ski equipment.

I Knew I was a junkie when I got my drivers license:

:When I went to the junk yard bought an old pair of rims, had snow tires installed on them then sat in my garage till 4am inserting studs. Then to go to the mountains, (SoCal) by throwing the studded tires in the back of a Karmann Ghia and if the mountains required chains stopping and changing tires, so I did'nt have to dick around with chains.

:Knowing the exact distance from the front passenger fire wall to the rear window sill of the Karmann Ghia so that when I bought a pair of skis they would fit in the car, (Before I could affort ski racks)

: Rigging the surf racks so that ski's could be used on them without slipping off.

Driving to Mammoth from SoCal and having the accelator cable in My Karmann Ghia break in the middle of the desert, then tying every available shoe lace we had together, rigging it too the carb linkage and having the shoe lace go through the front window, just so we could complete the trip. Oh, and you could roll the window up against the shoe lace and you had cruise control.

: Working all day at a fast food restaurant, getting off at five and then driving two hours to get in 1.5 hours of night skiing and then turning around and going home,just so you could repeat the process the next day.

:Part of your dating requirements was the ability of your date to be able to ski blues to hard blues, be willing to drop what she was doing to go on a date which ment Saturday Night, Night Skiing.

I knew I was a junkie when I started college;

: Working till midnight at a fast food restaurant, and during your shift you and your buddies decide that you can get a good half day skiing in the next day at Mammoth if you leave right after work, drive 365 miles, ski till 1:00 pm and then turn around and drive back so you can get to your college night class that starts at 7 pm.

: arranging your college schedule so that you go to school Tues and Thurs from 7am till 10 pm so that you had a good 4 to 5 solid ski days available.

: Getting a job in the summer at the local ski resort doing lift mechanic maintenance and then telling the owners of the resort at the end of the summer, hey thanks for the bi-weekly pay checks and the season pass, I would have worked for the pass, and you could have bonused me the checks.

:Hooking up with local mountain friends in the summer that knew the secret hike and ski areas in the local mountains that still had snow in the bowls.

:Living in Orange County yet all your friends are two hours away in Big Bear Mountain.

:The day your mountain friends stopped calling you a flat lander and referred to you as one of there own, Mountain Folk.

:Going to the L.A. car show in January just to see what the latest 4wheel drive mountain cars would be.

:Being one of the first people in the U.S. to own the Subaru 4wheel drive hatchback that came out in the late 70's. Then putting some 300,000 miles on it in just a few years, 65,000 the first year I owned it, 80% ski miles. (Side note, my dad flipped when he saw the mileage after about 4 months)

: Making a trip to Liquer Barn at the start of every seaons and loading up on beer and Jack Daniels, so you could pass it out to all your lifty buddies at your local mountain. This way on a crowded weekends when the average person was lucky to get 10 to 12 runs in a day you were taking a break at lunch at 20 then finishing up the day at 4 with 50 good runs. This technique also got you a weekend crash pad locally when you needed it, plus when you brought your family or best friends that did'nt have season passes, it got them free skiing. Side note: we would bury J.D., and Yigger at designated areas in the trees so there was always something available throughout the season.

: Making a trip to Tahoe with four guys loaded in a Subaru Hatchback for a 12 hour drive through one of the worst blizzards in the Sierras in recorded history, too stay four days and get only about a half day of semi-good skiing in, and then saying after the trip, "Man that was a great ski trip, worth every minute of missery"
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You know you're a ski junkie when ... you mountain bike on single track through trees and imagine skiing that line.
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You still have every season pass going back to your first one in 1974.
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My skis are in my office. my boards are in my living room. ski video in the dvd, tuning table still out. boots in the bedroom, poles in the car. and can't imagine datinga girl who won't at least remain open to the idea of skiing.
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